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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Airbrush (Bronze): Enter the Paint menu and get the "Airbrush Kit".
    Art of Box (Bronze): Enter the Shop.
    Axe Breaker (Bronze): Get the ace point "Axe Breaker", earned by destroying one enemy shield using "Axe"-type weapon.
    Battle Damage (Bronze): Enter the Paint menu and get the "Kizu Shouri Kit".
    Bind Whip (Bronze): Get the ace point "Bind Whip", earned by stunning an enemy using the EX Action for "Whip"-type weapon.
    Blade Barrier (Bronze): Get the ace point "Blade Barrier", earned by blocking an enemy projectile-type attack using a "Twin Blade"-type weapon.
    Carrying Item Doesn't Mean That I'm Unprepared (Bronze): Buy any item from the Shop.
    Chipping (Bronze): Enter the Paint menu and get the "Chipping Kit".
    Dead End Buster (Bronze): Get the ace point "Dead End Buster", earned by removing all parts from one enemy using the "Large Sword"-type weapon.
    Dirty Feet (Bronze): Enter the Paint menu and get the "Ashimoto Kitanashi Kit".
    Even So, I Have a Base to Protect! (Bronze): In Defense-type mission, don't let the defense target HP reaches under 75%.
    EX Collector (Silver): Learn all EX Action moves.
    Gundam Fight! Ready GO! (Bronze): Clear any mission by using bare fists, such as Mobile Fighter parts.
    Gunpla Keeps On Evolving! (Bronze): Collect 100 Emblems.
    Gunpla Lover (Bronze): Increase an ability up to Lv 10.
    HG Box Tower (Bronze): Buy 10 Box of HG Units in Shop.
    High Breaker (Bronze): Defeat 1000 1/144 scale enemies.
    I Want You to Color this Unit! (Silver): Collect 150 Emblems.
    I'll Powered Up You Even More! (Bronze): Use the Strengthen Module for the first time.
    I'm a Master Grader! (Bronze): Build a Mobile Suit using MG Parts Only.
    I'm Gonna Freely Develop My Gunpla! (Bronze): Modify one part from the "Scratch" menu.
    I've Never Seen This Kind of Weapon! (Bronze): Make one weapon from the "Weapon Build" menu.
    INVITATION (Bronze): Clear the Prologue stage.
    King of Challenger (Silver): Clear all challenge missions.
    Lance Charger (Bronze): Get the ace point "Lance Charger", earned by using an EX Charge for Lance-type weapon.
    Master Breaker (Bronze): Defeat 200 1/100 scale enemies.
    Master of Breaker 2 (Platinum): Get all trophies.
    MG Box Mountain (Bronze): Buy 10 Box of MG Units in Shop.
    Mission Complete (Silver): Clear all mission.
    Natural Coordinator (Bronze): Change your avatar.
    Ore no Gandamu! (Bronze): Change the name of your Gunpla.
    Parts-Out Breaker (Bronze): Dismantle the enemy's parts 1000 times.
    Perfect Breaker (Bronze): Defeat 50 1/60 scale enemies.
    Skilled Gunpla Builder (Bronze): Allocate one bonus point.
    Super Gunpla Builder (Bronze): Activate one part ability.
    Sword Dancer (Bronze): Get the ace point "Sword Dancer", earned by removing an enemy part using "Double Saber"-type weapon (use the ¢ attack).
    That's one fine Gunpla (Bronze): Create one HG Lv10 part.
    The one that destroy "The" Gundam (Bronze): Destroy 1/60 scale Mobile Suit.
    There's Many Ways to Enjoy Gunpla! (Bronze): Collect 50 Emblems.
    Ultimate Breaker (Gold): Get S Rank on all missions.
    Ultimate Gunpla (Silver): Create one MG Lv10 Part.
    Ultimate Gunpla Builder (Bronze): Convert one ability.
    Using the Manipulator (Bronze): Clear the enemy by using Melee Weapon only.
    Washing (Bronze): Enter the Paint menu and get the "Washing Kit".
    Wrestling Claw (Bronze): Get the ace point "Wrestling Claw", earned by throwing a claw towards the enemy using "Claw"-type weapon.

Additionally, there are seven secret trophies:

    Awakening Power (Bronze): Use the Awakening.
    Burst Collector (Silver): Learn all Burst Action.
    Power of Dream (Bronze): Activate the Advanced Awakening.
    SUCCEED (Silver): Clear Mission Phase 3.
    Test of Power (Silver): Clear the Phase 1 Extra Mission.
    Ultimate Gunpla (Silver): Create one Lv20 HG Part.
    WISH TO SEE YOU AGAIN (Gold): Defeat Devil Gundam.
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