Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum (Platinum): For collecting all trophies.
    Big Flood (Bronze): Complete the 2nd mission.
    Top Secret (Bronze): Complete the 3rd mission.
    Hawk Eye (Bronze): Complete the 5th mission.
    Base Defender (Bronze): Complete the 7th mission.
    Apache Hero (Bronze): Complete the 8th mission.
    Package Secured (Bronze): Complete the 10th mission.
    World Peace (Bronze): Complete the 12th mission.
    Half Cleared (Silver): Complete all missions on Rookie Mode.
    All Cleared (Gold): Complete all missions on Veteran Mode.
    Ranger (Bronze): Score 250 total kills.
    War Hero (Silver): Score 500 total kills.
    John R. (Gold): Score 1,000 total kills.
    Good Aim (Bronze): Perform 50 total headshots.
    Marksman (Silver): Perform 100 total headshots.
    Headhunter (Gold): Perform 150 total headshots.
    Multi-kill (Bronze): Perform 4 splash damage kills simultaneously.
    Crowd Crusher (Bronze): Perform 5 splash damage kills simultaneously.
    Slaughter (Silver): Perform 6 splash damage kills simultaneously.
    Chain Alpha (Bronze): Chain together 5 consecutive kills.
    Chain Beta (Bronze): Chain together 7 consecutive kills.
    Chain Gamma (Silver): Chain together 10 consecutive kills.
    Radio Breaker (Bronze): Find and destroy 50% of special objects.
    Ordering Disruptions! (Bronze): Find and destroy 75% of special objects.
    Radio Silence (Gold): Find and destroy 100% of special objects.
    Waste (Gold): Fire 25,000 rounds of ammunition.
    Trigger Happy (Silver): Finish any mission with 5% or less accuracy.
    Sharpshooter (Bronze): Score 15 long range kills in total.
    Eagle Eye (Bronze): Score 50 long range kills in total.
    Fragile World (Bronze): Destroy 200 total destructible objects.
    Collateral Damage (Silver): Destroy 500 total destructible objects.
    Demolition Addict (Silver): Destroy 1000 total destructible objects.
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