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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Inquisitiveness of the Monkey (Bronze): Complete the Old House.
    Righteousness of the Ram (Bronze): Get a Time Trial gold.
    Stubbornness of the Horse (Bronze): Survive 10 minutes of Endurance Mode.
    Loyalty of the Dog (Bronze): Complete a Co-op level.
    Patience of the Pig (Bronze): Defeat every enemy type.
    Perfection of the Rooster (Bronze): Use every Combo.
    Wisdom of the Snake (Bronze): Use a Smart Bomb.
    Thoroughness of the Rabbit (Bronze): Throw 30 barrels.
    Recklessness of the Tiger (Bronze): Die 100 times.
    Night Trophy (Bronze): Have 10 vampires active at once.
    Blood Trophy (Bronze): Unleash Hyperstate while at less than 5 percent health.
    Water Trophy (Bronze): Use meditation 100 times.
    Lightning Trophy (Bronze): Complete the Waterfall level without getting hit by a single fan.
    Nobleness of the Dragon (Silver): Complete Story Mode.
    Determination of the Ox (Silver): Defeat 5000 enemies.
    Discipline of the Rat (Silver): Perform 50 finishing moves.
    Heavenly Trophy (Silver): Kill 200 Stone Warriors in 1 game.
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