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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Sportsman Career Complete (Bronze): Complete the Sportsman Career Events.
    ProLite Career Complete (Bronze): Complete the ProLite Career Events.
    Win First Race (Bronze): Win any race.
    Time Trials (Bronze): Race 5 laps against your Ghost in Time Trial Mode.
    Play 1 Hour (Bronze): Play the game for 1 hour.
    Win 3 Races (Bronze): Win 3 races in a row.
    Pro Buggy Career Complete (Bronze): Complete the Pro Buggy Career Events.
    Rally Class Career Complete (Silver): Complete the Rally Class Career Events.
    Drive 100 Miles (Silver): Drive 100 miles total.
    Complete 10 events (Silver): Complete 10 events
    Drive 1000 miles (Silver): Drive 1,000 miles total.
    2XL Gold Award (Gold): Complete all events in Career Mode.
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