Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Together Forever (Bronze): Complete a level in co-op.
    A good start (Bronze): Gather all Coins on one level.
    Done and done (Bronze): Gather every Coin in the game.
    New horizons (Bronze): Unlock a new skill.
    You've got the power! (Bronze): Unlock all skills.
    Explorer (Bronze): Find a secret teleport.
    6th sense (Bronze): Find all secret teleports.
    Can't touch this (Bronze): Complete any level without losing a heart.
    Amberophobia (Bronze): Complete any level without collecting an amber.
    3 birds with one stone (Bronze): Hit 3 enemies with one dash.
    Dirty Dancing (Bronze): Make 4 enemies dance at once.

Additionally, there are eight secret trophies:

    Bad Froggy (Bronze): Defeat Frobos and collect his key part.
    Does. Not. Compute. Bzzz. (Bronze): Defeat Robos and collect his key part.
    Twenty Thousand Leagues (Bronze): Defeat Octobos and collect his key part.
    Cookie Monstah (Bronze): Defeat Cobos and collect his key part.
    Happily ever after (Silver): Defeat Calypso.
    Pure skills (Bronze): Complete one unlockable level.
    Ultimate skills (Silver): Complete all unlockable levels.
    How's that even possible? (Bronze): Collect more than 100% of ambers in any level.
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