Knights Contract




Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Bone Collector (Bronze): Defeat the witch Straeggele.
    Ice Breaker (Bronze): Defeat the witch Trude.
    Fire Fighter (Bronze): Defeat the witch Holda.
    Until Next Time... (Bronze): Force Faust to retreat.
    Storm Stopper (Bronze): Defeat the witch Trendula.
    Hair Cutter (Bronze): Defeat the witch Rapunzel.
    Stone Crusher (Bronze): Defeat the witch Verderinde.
    To the Fires of Hell (Bronze): Defeat Faust.
    Novice Executioner (Bronze): Beat the game on Page.
    Average Executioner (Bronze): Beat the game on Squire.
    Skilled Executioner (Bronze): Beat the game on Knight.
    Terror (Bronze): Acquire the Scythe of the Assassin Queen.
    Fright (Bronze): Acquire the Scythe of Imperial Massacre.
    Soul Grabber (Bronze): Collect 10,000 souls.
    Combo Master (Bronze): Attain the highest possible combo rating.
    The Sonic Knight (Bronze): Perform a 30-hit combo.
    Take One for the Team (Bronze): Perform 10 counterattacks while taking enemy attacks.
    Ring Around the Rosie (Bronze): Catch and defeat five enemies at once with Mag Mell's Rose.
    Keeping Healthy (Bronze): Collect 100 Recovery Items.
    A Worthy Apprentice (Bronze): Defeat 50 enemies with the help of Minukelsus.
    Growing Power (Bronze): Upgrade a Witchcraft.
    Witchcraft Collector (Bronze): Acquire all Witchcraft.
    The Finer Things (Bronze): Acquire all equipment.
    Light Reading (Bronze): Acquire a collection item.
    Blood Spilled (Bronze): Defeat an enemy.
    Blood Bath (Bronze): Defeat 100 enemies.
    Executed (Bronze): Land a Finisher.
    Skillfully Executed (Bronze): Land 100 Finishers.
    Head Bangin' (Bronze): Bash the same enemy into a wall five times.
    Get 'Em Up (Bronze): Pick up the same enemy five times.
    Nice Try! (Bronze): Repel an enemy's attack 10 times.
    'Tis But a Scratch! (Bronze): Experience your first revival.
    It's Just a Flesh Wound! (Bronze): Revive 50 times.
    Bodyguard (Bronze): Save Gretchen from enemy attack.
    Guardian Knight (Bronze): Save Gretchen from enemy attack 50 times.
    Eye Candy (Bronze): Use Witch's Embrace when no enemies are present.
    I'm Taking You With Me (Bronze): Damage both yourself and an enemy with Witchcraft.
    Careful With That! (Bronze): Damage both yourself and an enemy with Witchcraft 10 times.
    Touch Too Much (Bronze): Carry Gretchen around for a long time .
    Master Executioner (Silver): Beat the game on Hexen Knight.
    Soul Reaper (Silver): Collect 100,000 souls.
    Souls United (Silver): Defeat 200 enemies with Knight's Fury.
    Her True Strength (Silver): Defeat 200 enemies with Witch's Embrace.
    Information Junkie (Silver): Acquire all collection items.
    Bloody Massacre (Silver): Defeat 1,000 enemies.
    Expertly Executed (Silver): Land 1,000 Finishers.
    Elegantly Executed (Silver): Land 100 Perfect Finishers.
    Legendary Executioner (Gold): Beat the game on Witchslayer.
    The Witch's Ultimate Weapon (Gold): Acquire Spirit Cannon.
    Supreme Witchslayer (Platinum): Fully execute your Knights Contract.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    Secret trophy (Unknown): Unknown.
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