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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    A New Champion (Silver): Defeat the Uruk champion without taking damage.
    A True King (Gold): Game complete.
    Accomplished (Silver): Acquire all the upgrades.
    Banker (Silver): 1000 silver coins acquired.
    Bow Selector (Silver): Defeat 250 enemies with Bow.
    Child's Play (Silver): Complete all the imaginary quests in the woods.
    Expert in Lore (Silver): Collect all lore items.
    Fun Guy (Bronze): Complete Button Mushroom quest.
    It Did Not Pass (Gold): Defeat the Balrog.
    Meanderer (Gold): Complete all the side quests.
    Middle-Earth Annihilation (Silver): Defeat 2500 Enemies.
    Middle-Earth Extermination (Bronze): Defeat 1000 Enemies.
    No Friend of Goblins (Bronze): Defeat 100 Goblins.
    No Friend of Orcs (Bronze): Defeat 100 Orcs.
    No Friend of Uruks (Bronze): Defeat 100 Uruks.
    No More Trolling (Bronze): Defeat your first Hill-Troll.
    Not By The Hand of Man (Silver): Defeat the Witch-king.
    Oliphaunt Tamed! (Silver): Defeat 8 Oliphaunts.
    Own Then All (Platinum): All Trophies Collected.
    Pest Control (Bronze): Complete Crow Hunting quest.
    Rule Them All (Silver): Defeat Black Riders/Nazgul.
    Shoot the Messenger (Silver): Defeat the Mouth of Sauron.
    Stall Owner (Silver): All stalls 100% Complete.
    The Fellowship (Gold): Collect all the Fellowship Tokens.
    The Key to the Shire (Gold): Complete the Shire.
    Tree Hugger (Silver): Defend the Ent.
    Which King? (Silver): Defeat the Witch-king without taking damage.
    You Been Working Out? (Bronze): Perform 5000 sword swipes.
    You got it! (Bronze): Perform an Icon Strike.
    You've really got it (Silver): 5 consecutive Icon Strikes.
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