Madagascar 3: The Video Game


Cheat mode

Select the "Promotion" in the Circus, then enter one of the following passwords to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Banana Dash Of Rome

    Enter Green Grape, Apple, Green Grape, Strawberry as a password to unlock the Banana Dash Of Rome.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Everything! (Platinum): Earn every trophy in the game.
    All Aboard for Adventure! (Silver): Finish Italian Countryside Tutorials.
    Running Things in Rome! (Bronze): Finish Rome City Events.
    Pisa Cake! (Bronze): Finish Pisa City Events.
    The Whole Frenchilada! (Bronze): Finish Paris City Events.
    Lon-Done! (Bronze): Finish London City Events.
    Aye Aye, Skipper! (Bronze): Finish A Mission for Skipper.
    Yes, Your Highness! (Bronze): Finish A Mission for King Julien.
    Colossal! (Bronze): Complete the Colosseum Publicity Stunt.
    Belisima! (Bronze): Complete the Leaning Tower Publicity Stunt.
    What an Eye Full! (Bronze): Complete the Eiffel Tower Publicity Stunt.
    Towering Bridge Star! (Bronze): Complete the Tower Bridge Publicity Stunt.
    Back to the Big Apple (Bronze): Get the Gang to New York.
    Roman City Superstar (Bronze): Complete all Rome City events with 5 Stars.
    Pisa City Superstar (Silver): Complete all Pisa City events with 5 Stars.
    Paris City Superstar (Silver): Complete all Paris City events with 5 Stars.
    London City Superstar (Silver): Complete all London City events with 5 Stars.
    International Superstar (Gold): Get 5 Stars on All City Events.
    Penguin Problem Solved! (Silver): Get all the Items Skipper Needs.
    For King Julien (Silver): Complete All King Julien's Tasks.
    Arrivederci, Rome! (Bronze): Finish Rome Circus.
    Ciao, Pisa! (Bronze): Finish Pisa Circus.
    Au Revoir, Paris! (Bronze): Finish Paris Circus.
    Farewell, London! (Bronze): Finish London Circus.
    King of the Circus (Bronze): Finish New York Circus.
    Ticket to Adventure! (Bronze): Get 5 Stars in any Ticket Sales.
    Boss of the Toss! (Bronze): Get 5 Stars in any Snack Toss.
    A Sure Hit! (Bronze): Get 5 Stars in any Cannonball Act.
    3 Rings of Fun! (Bronze): Get 5 Stars in any Flaming Rings Act.
    High Wire Highness! (Bronze): Get 5 Stars in any High Wire Act.
    A Proper Send-Off! (Bronze): Get 5 Stars in any Trapeze Act.
    Biggest Star Under the Big Top! (Silver): Get 5 Stars in each Circus Act.
    Roman Circus Superstar (Bronze): Get 5 Stars in all Rome Circus Acts.
    Pisa Circus Superstar (Silver): Get 5 Stars in all Pisa Circus Acts.
    Paris Circus Superstar (Silver): Get 5 Stars in all Paris Circus Acts.
    London Circus Superstar (Silver): Get 5 Stars in all London Circus Acts.
    New York Circus Superstar! (Silver): Get 5 Stars in all New York Circus Acts.
    The Circus is Coming to Town (Bronze): Complete All Poster Races.
    Scrapwood Surplus! (Bronze): Find All the Scrap Wood Skipper Needs.
    The Ultimate Showman! (Silver): Find all 195 Stars for Alex.
    Circus Beauty! (Silver): Find all 195 Flowers for Gloria.
    A Real Blast! (Silver): Find all 195 Cannonball Balloons for Marty.
    A Rare Sight! (Silver): Find all 195 Thermometers For Melman.
    Au Revoir, Dubois! (Bronze): Defeat Chantal Dubois.
    Wild About the Circus! (Bronze): Free All Captured Compadres.
    Lemur Located: Rome (Bronze): Find Mort in Rome.
    Lemur Located: Pisa (Bronze): Find Mort in Pisa.
    Lemur Located: Paris (Bronze): Find Mort in Paris.
    Lemur Located: London (Bronze): Find Mort in London.
    Mort is Everywhere! (Bronze): Find Mort in all Cities.
    You Went Bananas! (Bronze): Get 5 Stars in any Banana Race.
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