Mad Riders



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Appetizer (Bronze): Win your first race (Single player).
    Done and done (Gold): Win the last Tournament race (complete the tournament).
    The day I won it all (Silver): Win all races in all tournament cards including Offroad Elite races.
    I can't stop! (Bronze): Collect 100 boost tokens.
    Mad skillz, I has them (Silver): Perform 250 Stunts.
    Goon riding, hah! (Bronze): Perform 100 Stunts.
    Runway runaway (Bronze): Land in the target zone 50 times.
    Power Extreme! (Bronze): Activate Recharge 66 times.
    Detour (Bronze): Activate a Shortcut 50 times.
    Racing nobility (Silver): Win all "Offroad Elite" events.
    Feel the connection (Bronze): Win a multiplayer race.
    Here for the long ride (Silver): Achieve level 10 in multiplayer.
    Encore (Silver): Achieve a 3-star rating in all "High Stakes" and "Balance of Forces" races.
    Alpha and Omega (Bronze): Reach driver level 15.
    Keep on sharing (Silver): Win 10 multiplayer races on tracks from "High Stakes" and "Balance of Forces" events.
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