Magic: The Gathering - Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2012

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Soldier (Bronze): Win a game with Gideon's deck.
    Mind Sculptor (Bronze): Win a game with Jace's deck.
    Vampire (Bronze): Win a game with Sorin's deck.
    Hot Shot (Bronze): Win a game with Chandra's deck.
    Predator (Bronze): Win a game with Garruk's deck.
    Hammer (Bronze): Win a game with Koth's deck.
    Summoner (Bronze): Win a game with Kiora's deck.
    Artificer (Bronze): Win a game with Tezzeret's deck.
    Dragon (Bronze): Win a game with Sarkhan's deck.
    Savior (Bronze): Win a game with Nissa's deck.
    Magic: The Puzzling (Bronze): Solve a Challenge.
    You'll Never Get Away With It (Bronze): Defeat an Archenemy in a game.
    Gather Your Allies (Bronze): Host an Archenemy match on PlayStation Network with two human teammates.
    Metalcraft (Bronze): Control three artifacts in a game.
    Mythic (Bronze): Cast a Mythic rare spell in a game.
    Duelist (Bronze): Win five matches online.
    Arcane Knowledge (Bronze): Unlock twelve cards for one deck.
    Final Exam (Bronze): Defeat Karn in a campaign game.
    Puzzling Master (Bronze): Solve Fifteen Challenges.
    Evil's End (Bronze): Complete the Archenemy campaign.

The following trophies require the "Expansion 1" bonus downloadable content:

    Your Puny Minds Cannot Fathom (Bronze): Host a match online as the Archenemy.
    Your Fate is Thrice Sealed (Silver): Win three Archenemy matches online.
    My Crushing Masterstroke (Silver): Defeat Jace, Jace and Jace as the Archenemy in a campaign game.
    Tempest (Bronze): Win a game with Ral's deck.
    Auramancer (Bronze): Win a game with Ajani's deck.
    Necromancer (Bronze): Win a game with Liliana's deck.
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