Might And Magic: Duel Of Champions - Forgotten Wars



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The Stable Hand (Bronze): Reach Level 2.
    The Scout (Bronze): Reach Level 10.
    The Field Marshal (Bronze): Reach Level 35.
    Crushing victory (Bronze): Over kill your opponent by at least 5 damage in a ranked duel.
    A Worthy Legend (Silver): Reach the Champion class.
    A Matter of Time (Bronze): Destroy 250 creatures.
    The Collector (Silver): Own a copy of every card from the first Base Set.
    Took the Boot (Bronze): Complete the Tutorial.
    Turkey (Bronze): Win 3 Ranked duels in a row.
    Friends or Foes? (Silver): Win 30 Practice duels against your Friends.
    Neophyte (Bronze): Win 50 Ranked duels.
    Veteran (Silver): Win 250 Ranked duels.
    Mastering Diversity (Silver): Win 10 ranked duels using a deck with no more than 1 copy of any card.
    Not the End of the World (Bronze): Cast Armageddon and have at least 1 surviving creature left on your side in a ranked duel.
    Unrelenting Horde (Bronze): Win 10 ranked duels playing no spells or fortunes.
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