Moon Diver




Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Act. 1 CLEAR (Bronze): Clear Stages 1-4.
    Act. 2 CLEAR (Bronze): Clear Stages 5-8.
    Act. 3 CLEAR (Bronze): Clear Stages 9-12.
    Chain Kill Master (Bronze): Achieve a Chain Kill of 100 or more.
    Overprotective (Bronze): Save your companions 10 times in a single game.
    2P MC Drill (Bronze): Use 10 different 2P MC techniques.
    3P MC Practise (Bronze): Use 10 different 3P MC techniques.
    4P MC Training (Bronze): Use 10 different 4P MC techniques.
    Moon Traveller (Silver): Visit all areas in all stages.
    MC Collector (Silver): Collect 50 MC techniques.
    Battle Master (Silver): Defeat 10,000 enemies.
    Level Maniac (Gold): Raise the average level of all characters to level 50.
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