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Easy driver points

To get easy driver points and money, in Quick Race mode, select "Drift mode", "0 opponents", "15 laps", and ".22 Mile Oval Track" as a location. This track is so small you should get a 2x quickly and keep it the entire time.

In Quick Race mode, select "Race mode", "15 opponents", "20 laps", and "Hazyview Eight" as a location.

Easy stars

Stay on the green arrow icon. If a message such as "Speed 120" appears, try to do it while keeping your car on the arrows.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Trial By Fire (Bronze): Complete the NFS Live Pre-Race Event.
    One Small Step (Bronze): Win you first event.
    Road to Success (Bronze): Reach Tier 2.
    Driving Rookie (Bronze): Reach Driver Level 2.
    Driving Amateur (Bronze): Reach Driver Level 5.
    Driving Semi-Pro (Bronze): Reach Driver Level 10.
    Bronze Earner (Bronze): Earn 5 Bronze Badges.
    Bronze Hunter (Bronze): Earn 10 Bronze Badges.
    Bronze Collector (Bronze): Earn 15 Bronze Badges.
    Bronze Master (Bronze): Earn 20 Bronze Badges.
    Silver Earner (Bronze): Earn 5 Silver Badges.
    Silver Hunter (Bronze): Earn 10 Silver Badges.
    Chance of a Lifetime (Silver): Reach Tier 3.
    Driving Pro (Silver): Reach Driver Level 20.
    Driving Veteran (Silver): Reach Driver Level 30.
    Driving Hero (Silver): Reach Driver Level 40.
    Silver Collector (Silver): Earn 15 Silver Badges.
    Silver Master (Silver): Earn 20 Silver Badges.
    Gold Earner (Silver): Earn 5 Gold Trophies.
    Gold Hunter (Silver): Earn 10 Gold Badges.
    Gold Collector (Silver): Earn 15 Gold Badges.
    Gold Master (Silver): Earn 20 Gold Badges.
    Epic Earner (Silver): Earn 5 Epic Badges.
    Epic Hunter (Silver): Earn 10 Epic Badges.
    The Final Countdown (Gold): Reach Tier 4.
    NFS Live World Champion (Gold): Win the NFS Live World Championship.
    Driving Legend (Gold): Reach Driver Level 50.
    Epic Collector (Gold): Earn 15 Epic Badges.
    Epic Master (Gold): Earn 20 Epic Badges.
    Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Unlocked all of Need for Speed: SHIFT's trophies.

The following trophies require the "Exotic Racing Series" bonus downloadable content:

    Hot Lap Champion (Bronze): Complete every event in the Hot Lap Competition in 1st position.
    Exotica (Silver): Complete an Online Race or Time Attack in all the Exotic vehicles.
    Time Splitter (Silver): Beat all the lap times in the Exotic Time Attack Competition.
    Scenic Route (Silver): Achieve 1st place in all Riviera Tour events.
    Exotic Tour Star (Gold): Achieve all Stars in Exotic World Tour.
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