NHL 09

Corey Feldman Interview


Third jerseys

Enter "xe6377uyrwm48frf" as a case-sensitive code to unlock the third jerseys.

Super free agent

There is a fake free agent player, Sabrina Ladha, a goalie with a 98 OVR rating. To make sure she does not end up playing for another team in your Dynasty or Be A Pro mode, use the "Edit Player" feature in the creation zone. Get to the free agents, and go down to "S. LADHA". Edit her ratings down to "50" on everything. This will ensure that nobody signs her. Alternately, choose to sign her to a team that you will not be using or playing against, such as like a European or National team.

Easy goals

Come up from the left or right wing (whatever you prefer), then take a slap shot five hole. About 90% of the time it will go in.

Easy 99 overall rating in Be A Pro mode

Go to the Create A Player screen, and make a player with a 99 overall rating. Go to Be A Pro mode. Instead of selecting "Be A Pro", chose to play as an NHL player. Find your created player on the roster that you placed him on. He will be the best player in the league with a 99 overall rating and will get easy points.

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