Of Orcs And Men

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    A hair too late (Bronze): Save a brunette in distress.
    All this for that (Bronze): Take pure water to the Shaman of the Mire.
    Anger management (Bronze): Follow the path of the Master.
    Back to business (Bronze): Trade an item.
    Big chest lover (Gold): Find and empty 20 chests.
    Bloodjaw (Gold): Finish Of Orcs and Men at the highest difficulty level.
    Class struggle (Bronze): Prevent a miners' revolt in the Mire.
    Deratizator (Bronze): Deal with the Scourge issue in the shantytown.
    Go bling-bling (Bronze): Equip a full set of upgraded equipment (weapons and armor).
    Guidance counselor (Silver): Put together the best squad possible to assault the Pillar.
    Hand shake (Bronze): Win the Black Hand challenge.
    I don't like chit-chat (Bronze): Kill Gorkash the head Foreman without further ado.
    I know a shortcut (Bronze): Bind Skills to both of each character's shortcut keys.
    I'm a killer (Silver): Assassinate 47 enemies.
    I'm the boss (Platinum): Unlock all of the trophies in Of Orcs and Men.
    I've got my friends in my head (Silver): Finish Chapter 3 at any difficulty level.
    In open air (Silver): Finish Chapter 2 at any difficulty level.
    Inner rage (Bronze): Follow the path of the Berserker.
    Into the shadow (Bronze): Follow the way of the Shadowgoblin.
    Jack of all blades (Silver): Hit eight enemies with a single attack.
    King of the arena (Bronze): Survive the Row.
    Manual worker (Bronze): Defeat a boss without using an automatic attack (assassinations excluded).
    Mercenary (Silver): Finish Of Orcs and Men at Normal level.
    My house! (Silver): Learn and improve every Skill in a single tree.
    No quarter (Bronze): Kill all the dug-in foremen and guards.
    Nobody's perfect (Bronze): Kill the Imperial officer in the Monastery.
    Off the Wall (Silver): Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting.
    One less nutcase (Bronze): Put an end to the madness of the Shaman of the Bowels.
    Poisoner (Bronze): Poison three different enemies at the same time.
    Rakash (Bronze): Finish Of Orcs and Men at Easy level.
    Regicide the first (Bronze): Kill Emperor Damocles.
    Repeat offender (Silver): Finish Chapter 5 at any difficulty level.
    Samaritan (Bronze): Spare Dakath the repentant.
    Slicer-Dicer (Bronze): Follow the path of the Assassin.
    Smart and smarter (Bronze): Upgrade a Skill.
    Talk it out (Bronze): Have Styx calm things down a bit.
    Team spirit (Bronze): Put together a special squad to assault the Pillar.
    The beast and the beast (Bronze): Be buddy-buddy with a force of nature.
    The hard way (Bronze): Answer Sork's provocation in a language he understands.
    Throat-slitter (Bronze): Let Styx take out the Imperial sentinels of the Mire on his own.
    To each his branch (Bronze): Learn every Skill in a single tree.
    Warrior (Silver): Finish Of Orcs and Men at Hard level.
    Well trained (Bronze): Kill Dorek the Trainer.
    You crack me up (Silver): Break 15 spinal columns while Berserk.
    You mythed! (Bronze): Confront Braggart with his lies.
    Your sister too (Silver): Finish Chapter 4 at any difficulty level.
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