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Bonus weapons

Successfully complete Campaign mode on any difficulty setting to unlock the Arc Charger, Backlash Grenades, L11-2 Dragon, Reaper, and Splitter weapons throughout your next game. The Reaper is found near the beginning of the first level when you start a new game. The Backlash Grenades are found in second part of the Manchester level. Go out of the cathedral and through the hole in the wall of the building next to it. When you enter the building, turn left and go through the door. The Backlash Grenades are in the room you are standing in. The Splitter fires a salvo of large rockets. The secondary fire splits each rocket into a wall of mini-rockets. It is similar to the R.Y.N.O. from the original Ratchet And Clank.

Movie player

Successfully complete Campaign mode to unlock the movie player.

Superhuman mode

Successfully complete Campaign mode on the Hard difficulty setting to unlock the Superhuman difficulty setting.

Hidden cinematic

Successfully complete Campaign mode on any difficulty setting. Then, select "Options" at the main menu and go to "Cinematics". Look for the last movie in the list called "Stranger Than Fission". This is a humorous outtake featuring the scene from the last battle in the game.


Get the indicated number of Skill Points to unlock the corresponding reward:

    Concept Art Pack 1: 10 points
    Concept Art Pack 2: 20 points
    The Mighty Wrench (allies get a wrench): 40 points
    Flip levels: 70 points
    Clank backpacks: 100 points
    MP mechanic skin: 126 points

Multiplayer skins and items

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding skin and/or item(s) in Online mode:

    Bedroll 2, Pouches, Pouch (Fanny Pack): Reach level 34 - Captain status online

    Beret, American Camouflage Uniform: Reach level 13 - Gunnery Sergeant status online

    Black Ops skin: Successfully complete Campaign mode on the Superhuman difficulty setting

    Black Ops skin with skull head: Successfully complete Campaign mode on the Superhuman difficulty setting with all Skill points

    British Brick Uniform, Grenade Pouch, Leather Packs: Reach level 07 - Corporal status online

    British Camouflage Uniform, Knife, Head 10: Reach level 58 - Supreme Commander status online

    British Goggles, Radio, Binoculars: Reach level 16 - Staff Sergeant status online

    Camouflage Helmet, Leather Backpack, Back Holster: Reach level 43 - Colonel status online

    Cartwright skin, Leather Pouch, Canteen: Reach level 55 - General status online

    Chest Pouches, Head Pouches, Head 5: Reach level 25 - Sergeant Major status online

    Cloven skin: Register on // and look at your profile for an online code specific to your game

    Commando Body, Commando Standard Uniform, Head 4: Reach level 19 - 1st Class Sergeant status online

    Commando Camoflauge Uniform, Belt knife, Backpack: Reach level 22 - Sergeant Major status online

    Commando Leather Uniform, Chest Radio, Shirtless skin: Reach level 40 - Lieutenant Colonel status online

    Head 6, British Desert Uniform, VTOL Pilot skin: Reach level 31 - Lieutenant status online

    Head 7, British Helmet, Backpack: Reach level 37 - Major status online

    Head 8, Canteen 1, Radio: Reach level 46 - Brigadier General status online

    Head 9, American Helmet, American Arctic Uniform, Canteen: Reach level 52 - Lieutenant General status online

    Mechanic skin: Get all Skill points in Campaign mode

    Medic Helmet, Bedroll 1, Chute Pack: Reach level 28 - Sergeant Major of the Army status online

    Nathan Hale skin, belt packs, shovel, backpack: Reach level 60 - Supreme Commander (3 PIPS) status online

    Pouches, Medic Helmet 2, Head 3: Reach level 10 - Sergeant status online

    UK Solider Body, British Green Uniform, Canteen 2: Reach level 04 - Private First Class status online

    US Solider Body, Head 1 and 2, Small Helmet, American Standard and Dirty Uniforms: Reach level 01 - Private status online

    Winters skin, American Advanced Uniform, Hip Bag: Reach level 49 - Major General status online

Skill Points list

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding number of Skill Points:


    Reading Is Fun! (2 points): Collect 10 Intelligence Reports.
    Chicks Dig Eyestrain (3 points): Collect 20 Intelligence Reports.
    Too Many Secrets (7 points): Collect all Intelligence Reports.
    In For a Penny... (1 points): Kill 3 Hybrids with a single grenade.
    Fetch (2 points): Kill a Howler with a grenade.
    Acupuncture Is Cheaper (2 points): Kill 3 enemies at once with the Hedgehog.
    Why Are These Candles Screaming? (3 points): Kill 8 Hybrids with fire in within 20 seconds.
    Lovely Parting Gifts (2 points): Squat over 15 dead Hybrids.
    Tag, You're It (2 points): Kill 5 enemies with the Bullseye within 30 seconds.
    Gasping For Air (3 points): Kill 2 Hybrids in a level only after severing all of their hoses.
    Nowhere To Hide (3 points): Kill 5 enemies in a level by shooting them through a wall with the Auger.
    Twirly-Whirly (3 points): Kill 5 Menials with the Bullseye trap.
    Turrets (3 points): Kill 6 enemies with the Chimeran Sentry gun.
    Mechanical Thumbs (5 points): Successfully complete the game on the Hard difficulty setting.


    Supersonic Meat Cubes (3 points): Kill 3 Leapers with a Frag grenade in the York level.
    Homing Beacons (3 points): Kill 4 Hybrids with the Bullseye in the York level.
    Chimera Pâtè (3 points): Run over 10 enemies with the tank in the York level.


    Don't Worry, Insurance Has It Covered (3 points): Destroy 3 or more black boxes in the Grimsby level.
    20th Sentry (3 points): Do not get his by a laser mine in the Grimsby level.
    Personal Space Bubble (4 points): Do not let any Menial grab you in the Grimsby level.


    Lightfoot (4 points): Take no damage from the mines in the Manchester level.
    This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun (2 points): Kill the Stalker in Manchester Traffic Circle using only the M5A2.


    In One Ear, Out The Other (2 points): Get at least 5 kills by headshot with the L23 Fareye in the Nottingham level.


    Passive Aggressive (3 points): Kill 4 Hybrids or Menials with non-weapon damage in the Cheshire level.
    We've Lost The Security Deposit Anyway (2 points): Break 10 medical lamps in the Cheshire level.
    Mirror, Mirror (3 points): Destroy all glass objects in all three sections in the Cheshire level.


    Next Speed Trap, 50 Miles (3 points): Successfully complete the Somerset level in within 7 minutes 45 seconds.
    I Can See My House From Here! (2 points): Jump at least 50m in the LU-P Lynx in Cheddar Gorge in the Somerset level.
    Misplaced Aggression (2 points): Blow up all cars in the town section in the Somerset level.
    They Came From Behind (3 points): Run over 3 Hybrids while driving in reverse in the Somerset level.
    I Believe This Is Yours (3 points): Use only Chimeran weapons to kill enemies in the Somerset level.


    One Eye Dog! (3 points): Kill a Howler with the L23 Fareye.
    A New Kind of Sourdough (4 points): Kill all enemies in the cafeteria of Southern Command with the XR-003 Sapper.
    Pint In One Hand, Darts In The Other (2 points): Inside Southern Command, shoot the center of all four dartboards with the L23 Fareye.


    Karma's A Bitch (3 points): Kill all enemies in the Chimeran tunnels with only their native weapons; Bullseye for Hybrids, Auger for Steelheads, and Backlash Grenades for all.
    This is MY House (4 points): Do not let any Chinera stand on the mining platform in the Chimeran Tunnels for more than 10 seconds.


    Leapin' Lizards (3 points): Take no damage from Rollers in the outskirts of London.
    Fast Like The Tortoise (2 points): Take no damage from Slipskulls in the outskirts of London.


    Le Parkour (4 points): Finish the battlefields and rooftops in the outskirts of London within five minutes.


    Breakin' the Law (3 points): Destroy the Reactor without using the L209 LAARK.
    Vanilla Only, Please (4 points): Reach the Reactor Room without using weapon secondary fire modes or grenades.
    What Would Hale Do? (2 points): Kill an Angel using only the Rossmore 236 combat shotgun.
    Return To Sender (3 points): Shoot five objects thrown at you by the Angels before they reach you.


Successfully complete the indicated task in Online Multiplayer mode to earn the corresponding medal. Press L1 or R1 at the character stat screen to view your currently earned medals.

    Assassin: Kill consecutive 20 enemies without dying.
    Auger Marksman: Kill 100 enemies with the Auger.
    Base Defender: Get 2,000 defensive kills across all game modes.
    BBQ Chef: Kill 100 enemies with the L11-2 Dragon.
    Elite Soldier: Kill consecutive 10 enemies without dying.
    Fanatic: Participate in 1,000 online matches.
    Fry Cook: Kill 100 enemies with the Arc Charger.
    Ghost: Get 100 stealth kills.
    Going Commando: Get 100 node or flag captures.
    Grenadier: Kill 100 enemies with grenades.
    Heavy Weapons Expert: Kill 100 enemies with rockets.
    Helping Hand: Get 100 assist kills.
    Hero: Play 200 ranked matches and place first at least 60 times.
    Insomniac: Compete in 5,000 online matches.
    Legend: Play 300 ranked matches and place first at least 100 times.
    Marksman: Kill 100 enemies with the M5A2 Carbine.
    Martial Artist: Get 30 melee kills.
    Nathan Hale: Successfully complete Campaign mode.
    Ninja: Get at least 60 melee kills.
    Precise Shot: Finish 10 matches with an accuracy of least 85%.
    Professional: Get 100 headshots.
    Reclaimer: Get 200 node or flag recaptures.
    Savant: Play 100 ranked matches and place first at least 30 times.
    Sharpshooter: Kill 100 enemies with the L23 Fareye.
    Shotgunner: Kill 100 enemies with the Rossmore 236.
    Tagger: Kills 100 enemies with the bullseye.
    Unerring Aim: Finish 20 matches with an accuracy of least 85%.
    Unknown: Compete in 5,000 online matches.
    Up Your Arsenal: Get 100 kills with every weapon.

Easy kills

Use the shotgun with the double barrel shot, then quickly take the L23 Fareye and shoot the head. This works best against tall targets.

Shoot a Chimera in the crotch to deal extra damage.

When going after Crawler Pods, put one Sapper Mine in the middle of the pods. Use the alternate fire on the gun and it will blow most, if not all, of them up.

To kill Cray Jacks, use the shotgun.

To kill Hardfangs, use grenades.

To kill Howlers, the shotgun works well, but circle around them because it takes a few shots to kill them.

To kill Hybrids (and Advanced Hybrids), shoot off the tubes coming from the cooling unit on their back and into their arms. This may be difficult, but they die much quicker this way.

To kill Leapers and Rollers, shoot at them with the Arc Charger, then use its Ion Burst.

To kill Menials, hit them with your gun. This will kill them quickly and you do not have to waste bullets.

To kill Slip Skulls, use the Bullseye Tag and hit them. After that, keep shooting.

To kill Steel Heads, shoot them in the head a few times.

To kill Titans, tag them on the head with the Bullseye and keep shooting.

To kill Titans easily, get behind it. Take out your shotgun and shoot at the wires on its back. When you are behind it, it cannot see you. You can kill it without getting hurt.

To kill Widowmakers, tag them with the Bullseye, then find some cover and just keep shooting.

To kill Angels, use the same strategy as with the Widowmaker, but you must keep moving because they throw a spear-like weapon at you that creates harmful gas.

Hybrid cooling apparatus deactivation

When in the Hybrid skin, press L2 to turn off your cooling apparatus. This enables you to sprint and see through walls. However, if you overheat, you will slowly lose health.

Human sprint

While running in any direction in the Human skin, quickly tap L2 to sprint. When running, the reticule will disappear.

L11-2 Dragon with Hybrid skin

Do not use the L11-2 Dragon when in the Hybrid skin because the weapon heats up when it fires and damages the Hybrid cooling apparatus; this causes you to lose health.

Defeating Crawler Pods

If you see a cluster of Crawler Pods, get out the Sapper and cover them with Sapper Mines, then approach. When the Pods hatch, the mines will explode instantly killing all the crawlers. If there are any survivors, force them to go through a narrow choke point (like a door) and shoot them with a gun like the M5A2 Carbine.

Lawn gnome in Somerset

At the beginning of the level, go out of the gate, then to your left. Take another left at the next turn. In the little garden area by the bench there is a gnome.

Wrong seat orientation

If you look at the LU-P Lynx, you will notice that the driver's seat is on the left. However, British vehicles should have the driver's seat on the right.

Decoded messages

There is a Morse Code message on the pause menu in each level as well as from messages from some of the dead MIBs (Men In Black). The following is a list of the decoded messages, which give you some insight into who the MIBs are and their goals:


    1. Operation Deliverance: "Red forces encountered. Non-uniform opposition confirmed."
    2. A Lone Survivor: No message
    3. Spires: "Biological attack imminent. Stand down. Observe any resistance."


    1. Fates Worse Than Death: "Red facility located. Study of infection path proceeding."
    2. Conversion: "Friendly interception anticipated. Abort Grayskin capture."
    3. Hunted Down: "Friendly intelligence chatter positive to Grayskin's resistance."


    1. Path Of Least Resistance: "Red anti air potential excessive. Hold off insertion."
    2. The Cathedral: "Grayskin encounter with angel inevitable."
    3. Outgunned: "Red tunnel network supports grid theory."


    1. Into The Fire: "Friendly excavation investigation pending."
    2. Conduits: "Red forces at friendly base in zone L770."
    3. Viper's Nest: "Grayskin cut off in friendly base. Red forces present."
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