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System: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Dev: Techland
Pub: Deep Silver
Release: August 1, 2011
Players: 1-4
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p
Jimmy Buffet Meets World War Z
by Becky Cunningham

There are a lot of zombie games out there these days, but none of them are quite like Dead Island. Blurring genre lines, this upcoming game from Deep Silver throws survival horror, action adventure, and RPG features into a blender and pours them out in an open world setting. This ambitious project hopes to appeal to role-players via a class system, customizable weapons, and a large number of quests to take on while surviving the zombie apocalypse. Action and horror fans should be interested as well, as the game promises the kind of intense and gory combat that zombie aficionados enjoy.

Dead Island is set on the fictional island of Banoi, which is off the coast of Papua New Guinea. Playing a guest or employee of the luxurious Royal Palms Resort, gamers will wake up to find that instead of a dream vacation, they've stumbled into the middle of a sudden epidemic of undeath, and they're being called upon to save themselves and the island's remaining humans from the shambling hordes. Rather than confining the player to the kind of linear path that's typical for zombie games, Dead Island instead features an open world with quest hubs, rather reminiscent of its shooter/RPG hybrid cousin Borderlands. The island is free to be explored, but the game's more difficult zones will prove very dangerous to low-level characters.

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Players will choose between four characters to portray in the game, each with a unique background story and a specific character class that is taken on after the catastrophe. Xian Mei is an intelligent and active hotel clerk who came to the island from China in order to meet new people. Interestingly, she bears the "assassin" class once she is forced to fight the zombie hordes. Sam B is a fading one-hit wonder rap star who jumped at the chance to play a gig on Banoi, and is the game's "tank" character. Logan is a bitter former football star with a bum knee who becomes a jack of all trades after his vacation at the resort is rudely interrupted by the zombie apocalypse. The final character, Purna, has yet to be fully revealed by Deep Silver, but she is apparently a bodyguard who is good with guns.

Once the player has jumped into the action, Dead Island features first-person action combat with a focus on melee weapons. Although firearms have been spotted in the game's trailers, it's much more common to see objects such as bats, oars, knives, golf clubs, and other improvised weapons in the hands of the hapless protagonists. Combat is both brutal and bloody, with damage showing on the zombies as they are stabbed, slashed, beaten, or shot. While decapitating a zombie is the quickest way to kill it, players may wish to dismember more difficult foes in order to reduce the risk they pose. In a nod to the survival horror genre, the game's characters can't fight forever like the Energizer Bunny. They have a stamina bar that must be carefully managed, as they'll be unable to fight on if it runs out.

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The game's role-playing elements will become apparent after some zombies have been dispatched. Characters gain experience and level up by killing enemies and completing quests. Each class features a branching skill tree that allows the character to spend points and obtain skills and perks at level-up. As there is a level cap, players will need to choose between perks in a way that will make even two of the same character play differently from each other. Weapons can be modified as well, with the player finding blueprints that can be used to alter the game's basic weapons into MacGyver-esque implements of mayhem.

Visually, Dead Island has a relatively realistic look to it. The sun-washed island of Banoi features lush forests, pristine beaches, and, of course, the decadent resort. This lovely scenery contrasts sharply with the grisly actions of the zombie horde and the gushing gore of combat. This game is absolutely not for the weak-stomached or faint of heart, as it's obviously been designed to appeal to an audience that enjoys slasher flicks and revels in the visceral nature of the human versus zombie struggle.

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Dead Island can be played solo, but also features 2-4 player drop-in, drop-out multiplayer co-op. Co-op parties can choose to be well-balanced or double up on characters, creating a different team experience depending on the party composition. Characters who jump into a different game will keep any experience, money, and items they earn during the session. High level characters can group with lower levels, but a higher level character will cause the zombie opponents to become tougher and more numerous.

Dead Island is definitely more than just another zombie game. Between the unique setting, the customization options, and the co-op appeal, it is poised to capture the hearts even of gamers who feel like they've had their fill of previously living dudes who hunger for brains. For anybody who can handle the gore, this game certainly seems worth checking out once it arrives in stores this September.

By Becky Cunningham
CCC Contributing Writer

Game Features:

  • In keeping with an atmosphere of desperation and survival by any means, Dead Island focuses on serious, first-person action gameplay with a close-quarter, immersive melee focus.
  • With thousands of weapons to collect, from simple wooden bats to fire-axes to heavy rifles, Dead Island is a collector's dream. This, in combination with Dead Island's weapon customization system, will enable the player to craft the ultimate weapon to ensure their survival.
  • The ability to enhance and develop your character using RPG-like elements, including an XP/leveling system and unlockable skill trees, puts the power in your hands to create and play a unique protagonist.
  • Dead Island's damage system gives an unprecedented visual detail of the effects of each attack on enemies, pushing the boundaries of visualized gore.
  • With an open world setting, Banoi is filled to the brim with things to do and objectives to tackle, allowing a fresh way to advance both the characters and story at the same time and providing endless replay value.

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