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The Silence is Broken!

by Matthew Walker

July 30, 2007 - The Silent Hill series is for those of us who like to be put on edge. I remember the first time I played the original title on the PlayStation. The eeriness of the game kept me on the edge of my seat. Silent Hill does a better job of trying to scare the crap out of you than other zombie themed games. It wasn't the creatures that tweaked your nerves. Actually, once you saw them up close they looked a little ridiculous. Even the creators said this about the creatures.

Silent Hill 5 screenshot

The thing that really set the fear sensors raging was a combination of camera angles and the fog that forbade you from seeing more than a couple of feet in front of you, just like in classic horror movies. In today's gaming market, just like that of the horror movie market, gore seems to be the relying factor that people wish to see.

The gore factor did affect Silent Hill, as the title progressed numbers. However, the edge was still there. Players had to constantly second guess themselves as they tried to make it through the hellish town. Even after surviving the latest Silent Hill, players still want more. Who can blame us? Later this year, fans will get their first chance with Silent Hill: Origins for the PSP. Soon we will have another opportunity to go "home." This seems to be the main focus of the fifth title in the series, aptly named Silent Hill 5. During E3, we received a brief glimpse at what to expect from the new Silent Hill. When I say brief, I mean brief. When a friend of mine watched the trailer with me, she stated that it was nothing more than a logo. She was right, but that did not stop me from getting excited for the possibilities. Therefore, I dug around to find out as much as I could about my next must own title. I did not find much, but it will hold me over for a little while and hopefully you too.


As described briefly by the "teaser" trailer, Silent Hill 5 will involve a war veteran who does not wish to go home. He actually seems quite reluctant to return home. That character's name is Alex Sheppard. Once he does return home, he finds that his father is missing, his mother is in a vegetative state, and his brother Joshua is also missing. Alex will set out to find his brother, and along the way players will be able to use Alex's military training while using melee weapons. This will be similar to the combat system in Silent Hill: Origins. As fans of the series will notice, searching for a loved one seems to be the constant theme in Silent Hill, but this seems like it will play more to the tune of Silent Hill 2. Alex will follow a trail left by his brother which will lead him to the foggy hell town of Silent Hill, very similar to Silent Hill 2.

Silent Hill 5 screenshot

Okay, so maybe that was not enough to hold you over until more information is available about the game. One thing is true though, in the coming months when more information about the game is released, the frenzy meter for the creepy town will skyrocket. I cannot wait until the new title comes out so I can play it with my surround sound all the way up, in the middle of the night, trying to hear all of the mind numbing sounds that set my nerves on fire. Silent Hill has always been the game you could try to scare your friends with. Silent Hill 5, I hope, will continue that trend and still be as enjoyable as the first three console titles. Only time will tell. Keep checking back as we will have more in depth coverage of the game as we learn more information. Until then, start getting reacquainted with the town you love to hate.

Silent Hill 5 screenshot

By Matthew Walker
CCC Project Coordinator


  • Revisit Silent Hill for another round of nightmares.
  • Play as a war veteran named Alex Sheppard who doesn't want to go home.
  • Potential storyline suggests similarities to Silent Hill 2, that leads to the Silent Hill.

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