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Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ - Ice Station Santa
Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ - Moai Better Blues
Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ - Night Of The Raving Dead
Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ - Chariot Of The Dogs
Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ - What's New, Beelzebub?



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Ice Station Santa

    And Another One Bites... (Silver): Stop the Maimtron 9000 from destroying the building... and quoting every song you wish you'd forgotten.
    Trivia Manipulator (Bronze): Win Stinky's trivia contest and obtain the Horseman of Pestilence.
    Pimp Le Car Driving Challenge (Bronze): Complete the 'Pimp Le Car Driving Challenge' and obtain the Horseman of Death.
    My Package! (Bronze): Obtain the Horseman of Famine from Bosco.
    I'm A Contender! (Bronze): Defeat Jimmy in the boxing ring and obtain the Horseman of War.
    The Power Of Christmas (Silver): Complete the Exorcism using the My Little Demon Playset on the unfortunately possessed.
    The Spirit of Christmas Past (Bronze): Satisfy the Spirit of Christmas Past by making amends to Jimmy.
    The Spirit of Christmas Present (Bronze): Satisfy the Spirit of Christmas Present by helping the bug and his family communication issues.
    The Spirit of Christmas Future (Bronze): Satisfy the Spirit of Christmas Future by saving your future selves in a dynamic act of foreshadowing.
    A Sinful Dessert (Silver): Get the Christmas Spirits to take care of that pesky demon.
    Ice Station Santa (Gold): Help Sam & Max save Christmas!
    A Range of Completely Worthless Decals (Bronze): Earn all available DeSoto decals.
    Did Someone Say Birthday? (Bronze): Celebrate the Bug's birthday before his family arrives.

Moai Better Blues

    Freelance Police Work Is Never Done (Silver): Save Sybil from the giant Bermuda Triangle. Well, at least make a good attempt.
    Let's make some music! (Silver): Help Baby Glenn Miller create his latest hit song.
    Unionized (Bronze): Help Sam become a unionized waiter and pass the 'Wipeout' entrance exam.
    Anointed By the Feet (Bronze): Have Max be anointed by the Feet.
    The Image of Max (Bronze): Make the image of Max appear in the underground cave.
    Eureka! Banang! (Bronze): Perform a miracle by turning water into Banang.
    High Priest Max (Silver): Make Max the High Priest of the ocean chimps.
    Moai Better Blues (Gold): Complete Episode 2 - Moai Better Blues
    Sandwich Seller (Bronze): Offer the granite sandwich to everyone on the island.
    BAGPIPE OBLITERATION ULTIMATE! (Silver): Receive all DeSoto decals in this episode by completing all levels of 'Pimp Le Car Music Challenge' and all bonus decals.
    Kids Say the Darndest Things (Bronze): As young Sam & Max, talk to every character possible.
    Hail to the High Priest! (Bronze): Take the Crown of Socks and crown Max as the new high priest.

Night Of The Raving Dead

    You've Unlocked A New Area! (Bronze): Unlock the location: Stuttgart, Germany.
    Another Location Unlocked! (Bronze): Unlock the location: The TV Studio.
    Can't Handle The Spotlight (Bronze): Make Jurgen an uncool dancer in front of his zombie army.
    Unhealthy Trendsetter (Bronze): Make Jurgen lose his ability to keep up with the latest trends.
    Southern Gothic Rockstar (Bronze): Defeat Jurgen at a rhyming duel.
    The Most Epic Battle Scene Ever (Silver): Get all caught up on how Sam & Max got trapped in the first place.
    Heart of Gold (Bronze): Help Sybil find a man with a heart of gold.
    Good With His Hands (Bronze): Help Sybil find a man who's good with his hands.
    A Way With Words (Bronze): Help Sybil find a man who has a way with words.
    I Choose Bachelor... (Silver): Have Sybil make her final decision for who's the best suitor.Have Sybil make her final decision for who's the best suitor.
    Night of the Raving Dead (Gold): Complete Episode 3 - Night of the Raving Dead.
    Master Drive-By Marketer (Bronze): Receive all DeSoto decals in this episode by completing all levels of the 'Pimp Le Car Marketing Challenge' and gathering all bonus decals.
    Monster Master (Bronze): Try every possible body part in the monster.
    Shameless Product Placement (Bronze): Record every possible episode of 'Midtown Cowboys' with every possible product placement.

Chariot Of The Dogs

    A Land Few Dare To Enter (Bronze): Gain access to Bosco's secret room.
    No More Boscow (Silver): Get Bosco back to his normal paranoid human self.
    You'll Need This (Bronze): Provide an inventory item for use in Episode 5.
    Temporal Anomaly Corrected (Silver): Fix Bosco's temporal anomaly problem.
    Recording Artist (Bronze): Get a recording contract for the youngest Pedro.
    Indefinite Birthday (Bronze): Get rid of the middle-aged Pedro from his communications post.
    Of Death and Eggs (Bronze): Answer and prove the two questions the older Pedro has.
    No More Birthdays (Silver): Get rid of all three Pedros from the ship.
    Chariots of the Dogs (Gold): Complete Episode 4 - Chariots of the Dogs.
    AI Interrogator (Bronze): Choose every dialog choice with each AI personality.
    The Willard Libby Trophy (Bronze): Use the Carbon Dater on every possible character.
    Intelligence Crisis (Bronze): Use each of the wrong personalities of AI in Bluster Blaster.

What's New, Beelzebub?

    Hell, LLC. (Bronze): Take the Soul Train to Hell.
    A Play of Infinite Acts (Bronze): Save Bosco from his own personal hell.
    Toy Production Manager (Bronze): Save Santa from his personal hell.
    Broadcast TV Executive (Bronze): Save Grandpa Stinky from his own personal hell.
    Office Snoop (Silver): Spy on Satan berating the staff each time the efficiency drops.
    Say My Name (Bronze): Stop the conception of a new hellspawn.
    Chiptune Rockstar (Bronze): Help Chippy prevent Hell from owning his soul.
    Forbidden Brew (Bronze): Prevent Stinky's from carrying Fruit of Knowledge Cider on tap.
    The Three Lords of Hell (Silver): Thwart the Lords of Hell's plan for world domination.
    What's New, Beelzebub? (Gold): Complete Episode 5: What's New, Beelzebub?
    Motivational Work Environment (Bronze): View all the seven motivational posters in the Hell, LLC offices.
    Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000 (Bronze): Receive all DeSoto decals in this episode by completing all levels in 'Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000' and gather all bonus decals.
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