Shake Spears



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Let the Battle Begin! (Bronze): First tournament win!
    Zadgetgan Champion (Bronze): Defeated every rival in the Zadgetgan tournament.
    Spear Shaker (Gold): Defeated every rival!
    Lucky Spear (Bronze): Made 50 successful spear strikes.
    Spear of Fury (Bronze): Dealt 1,000 damage points with one strike.
    Call Me Chuck! (Bronze): Dealt 5,000 damage points with one strike.
    Sir Tyson (Bronze): Took 100 strikes in the helmet.
    Jackpot! (Bronze): Earned 5,000 gold in one fight.
    Mr. Rockefeller (Bronze): Earned 200,000 gold during your career.
    Need a Good Blacksmith? (Bronze): Destroyed 25 armor pieces.
    Keep the Armory Busy (Silver): Destroyed 500 armor pieces.
    Master of Magic (Silver): Learned every magic ability.
    Is This Getting Old? (Silver): Won 200 fights.
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