Skydive: Proximity Flight



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.
    Four tricks at a time! (Bronze): Perform 4 different tricks in one time.
    That was a trick chain! (Bronze): Perform chain of 3 different tricks.
    Can you do it too? (Bronze): Perform 5 different tricks in one time.
    Tricks non-stop! (Bronze): Perform chain of 5 different tricks.
    Welcome home! (Bronze): Land squirrel in the forest.
    Ace (Bronze): Win any race without using rewind.
    Barrel roll (Bronze): Perform 3 barrel rolls in a row.
    Inside loop (Bronze): Perform 3 backflips in a row.
    Rock under the rock! (Bronze): Perform under ceiling flight.
    Proximity Flyer (Gold): Perform proximity flight for 25 seconds in a row.
    Almost touch the ground! (Bronze): Perform at least 3x proximity flight for 15 seconds in a row.
    The closest Proximity ever! (Bronze): Perform at least 5x proximity flight for 7 seconds in a row.
    Proximity flight master! (Bronze): Get 100k score for proximity flight in a row.
    Deadly loop! (Bronze): Perform proximity backflip.
    That's crazy! (Bronze): Perform 10 proximity backflips in a row.
    Proximity Roll (Bronze): Perform proximity roll.
    More adrenalin can kill! (Bronze): Perform 5 proximity rolls in a row.
    Skydiver (Bronze): Get 5000 score for proximity dive.
    Deadly spin (Bronze): Perform proximity dive and spin.
    Touch the trees tops! (Bronze): Get 2000 score for flying near trees.
    Land on a dime! (Bronze): Perform perfect landing.
    Land on a spot! (Bronze): Perform successful landing.
    Two pinholes (Bronze): Perform 2 pinholes in one flight.
    Welcome back! (Bronze): Run game after one month after the first start.
    Trick master! (Bronze): Perform 16 different tricks during one flight then land successfully.
    I'm sportsman! (Silver): Finish a flight in 'Beat the Best' mode.
    I'm a race champion! (Silver): Win 3 races in 'Beat The Best' or 'Beat Friend' mode.
    Free styler! (Bronze): Win 3 freestyle flights in 'Beat the Best' mode.
    I'm best of the best! (Bronze): Complete all challenges with 3 stars (excluding extra challenges).
    Adrenaline master! (Bronze): Complete at least 10 challenges with 2 stars.
    I'm perfectionist! (Bronze): Complete at least one challenge with 3 stars.
    I know a few tricks! (Bronze): Complete all basic challenges.
    Flying Squirrel (Bronze): Complete all advanced challenges.
    Pathfinder (Silver): Complete all routes.
    Explorer! (Gold): Jump from all of start points.
    As hard as nails! (Bronze): One hour of flight time.
    Dracula (Gold): Land a vampire in the castle.
    I did it! (Bronze): Complete 'Trick Mix' challenge.
    We are so different! (Bronze): Fly all characters.
    Bounty (Bronze): Get 3 stars at all of start points of Halong Bay.
    I'm Italian (Bronze): Get 3 stars at all of start points of Italy.
    Swiss cheese (Bronze): Get 3 stars at all of start points of Switzerland.
    Grand Canyon coyote (Bronze): Get 3 stars at all of start points of Grand Canyon.
    An eagle (Bronze): Win race in Eagle Mountain.
    Snowman (Bronze): Win race in Ice Ridge.
    La Cucaracha! (Bronze): Win race in Death Valley.
    Monkey! (Bronze): Win race in Monkey Gorge.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

    That's not easy to fly! (Bronze): Perform 5 bad starts in a row (fail race, get no stars for free flight).
    Seagull (Bronze): Successfully land on water.
    That hurts! (Bronze): Perform 10 bad starts in a row (fail race, get no stars for free flight).
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