Skylanders: Trap Team

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    IMPOSSIBLE!!! (Platinum): Earn all other Trophies.
    Soda Saver (Bronze): Complete Chapter 1.
    Now YOU Know It All (Bronze): Complete Chapter 2.
    Chompy Champ (Bronze): Complete Chapter 3.
    Bird Buddy (Bronze): Complete Chapter 4.
    Master of Chefs (Bronze): Complete Chapter 5.
    Squid Seeker (Bronze): Complete Chapter 6.
    Swamp Survivor (Bronze): Complete Chapter 7.
    Dreamcatcher Catcher (Bronze): Complete Chapter 8.
    Lumber Liberator (Bronze): Complete Chapter 9.
    Aroma Avenger (Bronze): Complete Chapter 10.
    Krankcase Kapturer (Bronze): Complete Chapter 11.
    Clock Crusader (Bronze): Complete Chapter 12.
    Back From the Future (Bronze): Complete Chapter 13.
    Rocket Recoverer (Bronze): Complete Chapter 14.
    Squadron Star (Bronze): Complete Chapter 15.
    Desert Dominator (Bronze): Complete Chapter 16.
    Royal Flusher (Bronze): Complete Chapter 17.
    Kaos Komeuppance (Bronze): Complete Chapter 18.
    Statue Smasher (Bronze): Chapter 3: Destroy 4 stone Chompy heads.
    Preemptive Power (Bronze): Chapter 4: Destroy 1 Dropship.
    Cannon Completest (Bronze): Chapter 5: Destroy 8 Troll Transports during the flying sequence.
    Pipe Down (Bronze): Chapter 6: Destroy 4 stacks of pipes using the crane on Dredger’s Yacht.
    No Coins Left Behind (Bronze): Chapter 7: Collect 20 coins while following Marsha through the mist.
    Ball Sprawler (Silver): Chapter 8: Knock 12 Golden Balls off the waterfall in the Meditative Pool area.
    Evilikin Eliminator (Bronze): Chapter 9: Shoot 20 Evilikin Runner during the flying sequence.
    No Goo For You! (Bronze): Chapter 10: Travel to Splash Station without taking any damage from goo.
    Ride the Rails (Bronze): Chapter 11: Ride the train to the end of the line.
    Da Pinchy Defacer (Bronze): Chapter 12: Destroy 5 Da Pinchy statues.
    Just to be Safe (Bronze): Chapter 13: Take down every shield unit during the flying sequence.
    Exhaust All Possibilities (Bronze): Chapter 14: Complete the arena battle without getting hit by rocket exhaust.
    Look Ma, No Rockets! (Silver): Chapter 15: Shoot down 30 Air Pirates without using rockets.
    Garden Gladiator (Bronze): Chapter 16: Destroy 10 cacti.
    Highwire Act (Bronze): Chapter 17: Complete all the tile floor puzzles without falling.
    Do a Barrel Roll (Bronze): Chapter 18: Collect 9 coins while falling down the Machine Heart.
    Savior of Skylands IV (Gold): Complete Story Mode on any difficulty setting.
    Dream a Little Nightmare (Gold): Complete Story Mode on the Nightmare difficulty setting.
    Kaos Mode Master (Bronze): Defeat 100 enemies in Kaos Mode.
    Star Star (Silver): Earn 50 Stars in Kaos Mode.
    Arena Mogul (Bronze): Unlock Brock's special arena.
    Chairman of the Rumble Club (Gold): Complete all Arena levels.
    Not Out of Your Element (Bronze): Unlock your first Elemental area.
    Hero Hunter (Bronze): Capture 10 Villains.
    Skystones Scavenger (Bronze): Collect 20 Skystones.
    All the Way Up! (Bronze): Level up any Skylander to level 20.
    Wow, That's Tough! (Silver): Achieve Portal Master Rank 5.
    Road to Redemption (Bronze): Complete a captured Villain's quest.
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