Star Trek: D-A-C
Kobayashi Maru cheat

Press Start when a match begins, then press L2, Triangle, Square(2), Triangle, R2. Your ship's rate of fire and regeneration rate will increase. This effect ends if your ship is destroyed. Enabling this code also unlocks the "Kobayashi Maru" trophy.

Easy "Born Leader" trophy

To easily capture all four points in a single Assault match, start a solo game, and remove all the bots.

Easy "Vulcan Wisdom" trophy

To easily not shoot or die while capturing three points (including the enemy base) in a Conquest match, start a solo game, and remove all the bots.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Academy Graduate (Bronze): Earn 1 kill with each ship class (except the Support Frigate).
    Red Shirt (Bronze): Be the first to die in a Versus multiplayer match.
    Imperial Instincts (Bronze): Earn 25 cumulative point captures in Conquest.
    Bridge Commander (Bronze): Earn 250 cumulative kills in Team Deathmatch.
    Mirror, Mirror (Bronze): Capture a point with the aid of your own wingman.
    Born Leader (Bronze): Capture 3 points and help destroy the 4th in a single Assault match.
    NCC-1701 (Silver): Earn 250,000 points as the Flagship class in one Team Deathmatch game.
    No Mercy (Silver): Earn 50 cumulative Escape Pod kills.
    Vulcan Wisdom (Silver): Don't die or shoot, yet capture 3 points (including the enemy base) in a Conquest match.
    Nero's Rage (Silver): Destroy 3 enemies while using a single invulnerability powerup.
    Starfleet Medal of Honor (Gold): No deaths or ejections, plus at least 15 kills, in a single match.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    Kobayashi Maru (20 points): Some trophies are unachievable... unless you cheat.
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