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Play as Akuma

At the character selection screen in Arcade mode, highlight Guile, and press Up. At the character selection screen in Training or Versus mode, highlight E. Honda, and press Up.

Fight against Akuma

Defeat all opponents before reaching M. Bison in less than twenty minutes without using any continues. When you fight M. Bison, Akuma will appear. Perform the Shun Goku Satsu on Bison, then fight your character.

Classic character versions

Press [Jab] in Classic Arcade mode to select the current version of one of the following characters. Then, enter the corresponding code as the airplane flies to the top of the screen and press [Jab] again. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. The classic versions do not have super combos and cannot reduce throw damage.

    Classic Balrog: Press Right, Left(2), Right.
    Classic Blanka: Press Left, Right(3).
    Classic Cammy: Press Up(2), Down(2).
    Classic Chun-Li: Press Down(3), Up.
    Classic Dee Jay: Press Down(2), Up(2).
    Classic Dhalsim: Press Down, Up(3).
    Classic Fei Long: Press Left(2), Right(2).
    Classic Guile: Press Up, Down(3).
    Classic Honda: Press Up(3), Down.
    Classic Ken: Press Left(3), Right.
    Classic M. Bison: Press Down, Up(2), Down.
    Classic Ryu: Press Right(3), Left.
    Classic Sagat: Press Up, Down(3), Up.
    Classic T. Hawk: Press Right(2), Left(2).
    Classic Vega: Press Left, Right(2), Left.
    Classic Zangief: Press Left, Right(3).

To fight as Classic Akuma in Classic Arcade mode, highlight the following characters at the character selection screen for approximately three seconds before moving on to the next person: Ryu, T. Hawk, Guile, Cammy, then Ryu again. Then, press Start + [LP] + [MP] + [HP]. In Classic Arcade Versus/Training mode, highlight the following at the character selection screen: Ryu, the random character box next to Guile, Guile, Sagat, then Ryu again. Then, press Start + [LP] + [MP] + [HP].

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