TableTop Cricket



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Smashing! (Bronze): Hit the Big Ant Board 10 times.
    Fair Maiden (Bronze): Bowl a Maiden Over (no runs).
    The Crusher (Bronze): Score 50 with a single batsman in a match.
    Online Victor (Bronze): Win a game online.
    Travelling Boomstick (Bronze): Hit a Six at every ground.
    Knock-Out (Bronze): Knock 10 fielders over.
    Fivefer (Bronze): Take 5 wickets with 1 bowler.
    Centurion (Silver): Score a century with a single batsman in a match.
    Hammer (Silver): Knock 100 fielders over.
    Off The Table (Silver): Hit 6 Sixes in a match.
    Worn Out (Silver): Get 1,000 wickets.
    The Running Man! (Gold): Score 10,000 runs.
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