Tales Of Monkey Island: Chapter 5 - Rise Of The Pirate God

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The Violet Beauregard Memorial Trophy (Bronze): Tried every piece of gum.
    Say What? (Bronze): Discovered Morgan's Dying Words.
    Grog, Grog, Grog! (Bronze): Used a dollar bill to try to buy every drink in the Grog Machine.
    Dance, Monkey, Dance! (Bronze): Did the dance of the hybrid fruit.
    Grave Ribber (Bronze): Read every gravestone.
    All Roads Lead to LeChuck (Silver): Opened the Crossroads.
    I Ain't Got No Body (Silver): Bound Guybrush's spirit to his body.
    Does This Corpse Make Me Look Fat? (Silver): Completed the Diet of the Senses.
    A Credit to Pirates Everywhere (Silver): Witnessed Morgan's Final Fate.
    Morgan's Secret (Silver): Found out what Morgan treasures above all else.
    Fall of the Pirate God (Gold): Defeated LeChuck.
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