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All stages in Versus mode

Successfully complete Arcade mode three times to unlock all stages in Versus mode.

Play as Panda

At the character selection screen, highlight Kuma then press Circle.

Play as Jinpachi Mishima

Successfully complete Arcade mode to unlock Jinpachi Mishima. At the character selection screen, highlight Jinpachi and press Square for his fiery demon form, Triangle for his human form, or Circle or X for his demon form.

Play as Yoshimitsu's alternate forms

At the character selection screen, highlight Yoshimitsu and press X or Circle for his normal form, Square for his dark ninja form, or Triangle for his purple skinned ninja form.

Mokujin's wood sound

At the character selection screen, select Mokujin, then hold Down. Release Down when the "Fight" screen appears. Each time your opponent lands a successful hit on Mokujin, you will hear a wooden sound.

Easy money

Select Arcade mode, choose the Ultra-hard difficulty, and set the number of rounds to 1. When the round begins, pause the game, and change the difficulty to Easy. You will still get paid as if it were on the Ultra-hard difficulty. Your payout is based on the difficulty at the start of the match. Just before winning, pause the game, and set the difficulty back to Ultra-hard to get the next match to also pay out $5,000. Repeat this as many times as desired.

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