Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Full Completion (Platinum): Find all 36 scrolls in the game.
    Raiding Barbarians (Silver): Raiding Barbarians.
    Conquered Barbarians (Bronze): Conquered Barbarians.
    Serving Barbarians (Silver): Serving Barbarians.
    Wild Grues (Bronze): Wild Grues.
    Captured Grues (Bronze): Captured Grues.
    Warbred Grues (Bronze): Warbred Grues.
    Castle of Teslagrad (Bronze): Castle of Teslagrad.
    City of Teslagrad (Bronze): City of Teslagrad.
    Tower of Teslagrad (Bronze): Tower of Teslagrad.
    Foreign nation of Angloria (Bronze): Foreign nation of Angloria.
    Foreign nation of Mesmer (Bronze): Foreign nation of Mesmer.
    Foreign nation of Motorland (Silver): Foreign nation of Motorland.
    Crafting Volt Walkers (Bronze): Crafting Volt Walkers.
    Crafting Iron Lice (Bronze): Crafting Iron Lice.
    Crafting Power Plants (Gold): Crafting Power Plants.
    The Guardian Faradeus (Silver): The Guardian Faradeus.
    The Guardian Fernus (Bronze): The Guardian Fernus.
    The Guardian Orb (Bronze): The Guardian Orb.
    Glorious Alliance (Bronze): Glorious Alliance.
    Glorious Coronation (Bronze): Glorious Coronation.
    Glorious Rule (Bronze): Glorious Rule.
    Grand Ambition (Silver): Grand Ambition.
    Lone Ambition (Gold): Lone Ambition.
    Failed Ambition (Bronze): Failed Ambition.
    King's Grief (Bronze): King's Grief.
    King's Grudge (Silver): King's Grudge.
    King's Vengeance (Silver): King's Vengeance.
    Watchful Father (Bronze): Watchful Father.
    Resourceful Father (Bronze): Resourceful Father.
    Protective Father (Gold): Protective Father.
    Oleg's Grief (Silver): Oleg's Grief.
    Oleg's Adoption (Gold): Oleg's Adoption.
    Oleg's Duty (Bronze): Oleg's Duty.
    Long for a Family (Bronze): Long for a Family.
    Long for a Savior (Bronze): Long for a Savior.
    Long for a Past (Bronze): Long for a Past.
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