Time Machine: Rogue Pilot



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Strategic Mind (Bronze): Complete all levels in Puzzle Mode.
    Perfect Accuracy (Bronze): Destroy every single tile on the game field.
    Brave New World (Bronze): Complete the first level of the Antique Age playing for Jack.
    Blocker Killer (Bronze): Match a line of blocker tiles.
    Make Them Smile (Bronze): Activate the super bonus 3 or more times while playing a story level.
    Combo Master (Silver): Make 15 combos during a level.
    Last Gasp (Silver): Complete a level when there's only 8 seconds of time limit left.
    I'm the Bonusman (Silver): Activate 50 or more bonuses during a level.
    Ultimate Combo (Silver): Make the best possible combo in the game.
    Sleuth (Silver): Complete all hidden objects levels playing for Ilona or Jack.
    On Wheels (Gold): Complete 20 story levels on hard mode without losing.
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