Truck Racer



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    You're a truck racer (Platinum): Win every Truck Racer trophy.
    1st for the 1st time (Bronze): Come in 1st place in an event race.
    It needs to race (Bronze): Race with a truck you bought.
    An unexpected failure (Bronze): Have an engine breakdown in the last 50 meters of the race.
    Good, but not good enough (Bronze): Mount the podium 15 times in the championship.
    Incredible comeback! (Bronze): Win a race starting from the back of the grid.
    Recorder (Bronze): Post a time in all the Time Attack races.
    Better than you! (Bronze): Beat your own record in an event race.
    Super drift (Bronze): Drift for over 5 seconds.
    Survivor (Bronze): Limp across the finish line with every part of the truck's bodywork damaged.
    Crasher (Bronze): Crash 5 of your opponents' trucks.
    Truck Armageddon (Bronze): Crash 15 of your opponents' trucks.
    Street Hawk (Bronze): Fill the Nitro bar and then use it all in one go without hitting anything.
    No mistake (Bronze): Do a complete lap without touching the decor.
    Like a real trucker! (Bronze): Finish an Expert race in a truck that has all of its original parts.
    Vroom (Bronze): Finish the training.
    The King of shopping (Bronze): Make your 1st purchase.
    Engine Down! (Bronze): Have an engine failure during a race.
    Painter (Bronze): Create a paint set.
    Rome wasn't built in a day (Bronze): Restart a race you haven't finished on the podium for yet.
    Fine tuning (Bronze): Complete a race with a truck which has no more original parts.
    Quality Assurance (Bronze): Drive all of the trucks in the championship.
    Golden Boy (Bronze): Earn 500,000 credits.
    Wealthy Man (Gold): Earn 1,000,000 credits.
    D-Grade (Bronze): Engine class D purchased.
    C-Grade (Bronze): Engine class C purchased.
    B-Grade (Silver): Engine class B purchased.
    A-Grade (Silver): Engine class A purchased.
    I want it all (Bronze): Buy all of the trucks.
    A bronze championship (Bronze): Win a bronze medal in every event.
    A silver championship (Silver): Win a silver medal in every event.
    A gold championship (Silver): Win a gold medal in every event.
    A platinum championship (Silver): Win a platinum medal in every event.
    Completed Event 1 (Bronze): Finish the event "Engine On!".
    Completed Event 2 (Bronze): Finish the event "On Dirt".
    Completed Event 3 (Bronze): Finish the event "Asphalt King".
    Completed Event 4 (Bronze): Finish the event "Truck-Cross Cup".
    Completed Event 5 (Bronze): Finish the event "The Rampage".
    Completed Event 6 (Bronze): Finish the event "Rocky Competition".
    Completed Event 7 (Silver): Finish the event "Weston Trophy".
    Completed Event 8 (Silver): Finish the event "Eight".
    Completed Event 9 (Silver): Finish the event "Raion World Cup".
    Completed Event 10 (Silver): Finish the event "Royal KT".
    Completed Event 11 (Silver): Finish the event "Team 41 Cup".
    Completed Event 12 (Silver): Finish the event "All-Star Tour".
    Completed Event 13 (Silver): Finish the event "Legendary Tournament".
    Win online (Bronze): Come 1st in an online race.
    Online trucker (Bronze): Take part in 5 online races.
    10 times (Bronze): Take part in 10 online races.
    Addicted (Silver): Take part in 25 online races.
    5 in a row (Silver): Come first in 5 online races in a row.
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