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Dojo training stages

Successfully complete Time Attack mode in Command Training with any character. Then at the character selection screen in VS mode, select your fighers, then press Up(2) for the fence-less Dojo stage or Down(2) for the fenced Dojo stage.

Play as Dural

Successfully complete Arcade mode with all characters to unlock Dural in Arcade and VS mode. Note: Continues can be used, and you do not have to defeat Dural at the end. To select Dural, highlight any fighter on the bottom row of the selection screen and press Down.

Route B

At the character selection screen in Arcade mode, when the "Yes or No" option appears, hold Guard or Punch until the match begins to fight characters in a different order.

Alternate costumes

Achieve the "1st Dan" rank in Quest mode with any character to unlock his or her Costume C. Successfully complete the first Orb Disc with any character to unlock his or her Costume D.

Custom characters in Movie Theatre

Enter the VF.TV Movie Theatre, highlight the Wolf-El Blaze or Eileen demo movie, then hold Left and press X. The movie will now feature your customized version of that character.

Demo mode

Select the "VF.TV" option, then choose the "Exhibition Match" selection. At the character selection screen, hold L1 + R1 and press X. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. The game will now play random matches by itself.

SEGA balloon item battles

Win the "Virtua Fighter World Tournament Finals" in Quest mode. A SEGA balloon will now randomly appear on the Quest mode map screen. When this happens, fight in any arena and the next ten battles will be item battles because of the balloon.

Classic Sega theme

Before the Sega logo appears when the game is first loading, hold Circle to hear the classic "SEEEGA" music from the Genesis console when the Sega logo appears.

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