Wakeboarding HD



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Acrobat (Bronze): Perform each trick (except Balance and Slide) 10 times in completed missions.
    Wind (Bronze): Spend 1 hour in the air in completed missions.
    Perfect Balance (Bronze): Spend 5 minutes balancing in completed missions.
    Superstar (Bronze): Maintain the 'S' rating for overall 10 minutes throughout the game (in completed missions).
    Money Bag (Bronze): Earn gold medals in any 10 missions.
    Natural Born Tourist (Bronze): Earn 12 souvenirs.
    Triumphant (Bronze): Win all game missions (in original game).
    Astronaut (Bronze): Collect 100 stars in a single Action Chain.
    Tough Rival (Bronze): Increase score multiplier to 20 or more for both players in Split Screen simultaneously (you do not have to score points).
    Pathfinder (Bronze): Ride 25 km without falling (in completed missions).
    The King of Iron Wake Tournament (Silver): Win 10 times (gold medal and all additional goals) in a row in any different single player missions.
    Avid Collector (Silver): Earn all souvenirs (in original game).
    Wave Catcher (Silver): Score points with multiplier that equals to 50 or higher.

Additionally, there are five secret trophies:

    Secret trophy (Unknown): Unknown.
    Secret trophy (Unknown): Unknown.
    Secret trophy (Unknown): Unknown.
    Secret trophy (Unknown): Unknown.
    Secret trophy (Unknown): Unknown.
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