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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Warlords Fever (Silver): Win 103 matches.
    Breakout (Bronze): Destroy 50 wall segments using only fireballs.
    Fish In A Barrel (Bronze): Destroy 50 troops using only fireballs.
    Control Freak (Silver): Own all powerup pads in a 4 player game at the same time.
    Siege Engine (Bronze): Destroy 50 wall segments using only troops.
    Master Mason (Bronze): Repair 50 wall segments back to full health.
    Savior Of Ataria (Bronze): Complete the single player campaign.
    Power Is Everything (Silver): Obtain 50 powerups.
    Defender Of The Weak (Silver): Banish the Black Knight 50 times.
    Divine Intervention (Bronze): Get the White Knight Shield 50 times.
    An Eye For An Eye (Bronze): Destroy 50 troops using only your troops.
    Just Barely (Gold): Win a game with no wall segments left.
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