Wonderbook: Book Of Spells

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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    First Edition (Platinum): Display the virtues required to master the 'Book of Spells'.

Additionally, there are 35 secret trophies:

    Swish and Flick (Bronze): Successfully cast the Levitation Charm.
    Budding Herbologist (Silver): Re-pot the Mandrakes in the Levitation Charm practice.
    Aguamenti! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Water-Making Spell.
    Alohomora! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Unlocking Charm.
    Lumos! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Wand-Lighting Charm.
    Light relief (Silver): Fend off the Devil's Snare in the Wand-Lighting Charm practice.
    Teach us something please (Gold): Pass Chapter 1 test and prove you know the first set of wizard values.
    Incendio! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Fire-Making Spell.
    Fight fire with fire (Silver): Defeat the dragon in the Fire-Making Spell practice.
    Feathered friends (Bronze): Successfully cast the Bird-Conjuring Charm.
    Aparecium! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Revealing Charm.
    Extra pumpkin pie (Bronze): Successfully cast the Engorgement Charm and Shrinking Charm.
    Pick on someone your own size (Silver): Help the Knarls teach the Gnomes a lesson in the Engorgement Charm and Shrinking Charm practice.
    If you've a ready mind (Gold): Pass Chapter 2 test and prove you know the second set of wizard values.
    Defodio! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Gouging Spell.
    Buried Treasure (Silver): Find some treasure buried by the Nifflers in the Gouging Spell practice.
    No need for Spellotape (Bronze): Successfully cast the Mending Charm.
    Practical Household Magic (Bronze): Successfully cast the Scouring Charm.
    Protego! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Shield Charm.
    Unafraid of toil (Gold): Pass Chapter 3 test and prove you know the third set of wizard values.
    Accio! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Summoning Charm.
    Checkmate (Silver): Summon the wizard chess pieces in the Summoning Charm practice.
    Diffindo! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Severing Charm.
    Impedimenta! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Impediment Jinx.
    Stop right there! (Silver): Stop the Gnome in the Impediment Jinx practice.
    Hard knocks (Bronze): Successfully cast the Hardening Charm.
    On Solid Ground (Silver): Foil the Nifflers in the Hardening Charm practice.
    By any means... (Gold): Pass Chapter 4 test and prove you know the fourth set of wizard values.
    Expelliarmus! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Disarming Charm.
    Reducto! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Reductor Curse
    Stupefy! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Stunning Spell.
    Duellist (Silver): Defeat the wizards using the duelling spells in the practices for Shield Charm and Disarming Charm.
    Expecto Patronum! (Bronze): Successfully cast the Patronus Charm.
    True Patronus (Silver): Make your Patronus appear in the safety of the classroom.
    Pure nerve (Gold): Pass Chapter 5 test and prove you know the final set of wizard values.
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