Ace Banana



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Field Guide Master! (Bronze): Collect all the field guides.
    Banana Guardian! (Bronze): Finish 50 monkeys.
    Banana Valiant! (Bronze): Finish 500 monkeys.
    Banana Hero! (Bronze): Finish 1000 monkeys.
    Bounce Master! (Bronze): Finish 100 monkeys with bounce.
    Aerial Expert! (Bronze): Finish 20 monkeys in air.
    Aerial Master! (Bronze): Finish 100 monkeys in air.
    Mobile Shooting Expert! (Bronze): Finish monkey 5 times in flight.
    Mobile Shooting Master! (Bronze): Finish monkey 10 times in flight.
    Headshot Master! (Bronze): Headshot 100 monkeys.
    Strike Master! (Bronze): Strike 100 monkeys.
    COMBO Expert! (Bronze): Up to 20COMBO.
    COMBO Master! (Bronze): Up to 50COMBO.
    Dodge Expert! (Bronze): Dodge enemy attack 20 times.
    Dodge Master! (Bronze): Dodge enemy attack 50 times.
    Banana Trainer! (Bronze): Educate 20 characters.

Additionally, there are four secret trophies:

    Machine Mill! (Bronze): Finish Monkenstein.
    Ninja Killer! (Bronze): Finish Monkey Hanzo.
    Vampire Hunter! (Bronze): Finish Moncula.
    Demon Hunter! (Bronze): Finish Ultimate Moncula.
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