Action Henk



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    I didn't lose, I let you win! (Bronze): Beat Betsy's Challenge.
    Too funky for myself! (Bronze): Beat Neil's Challenge.
    I'll be back! (Bronze): Defeat Kentony's challenge.
    Gnarly dude! (Bronze): Beat Cedar's Challenge.
    Enjoy it while it lasts (Bronze): Beat Kentinator's Challenge.
    90s Henk Redemption (Bronze): Beat Action Henk in the City.
    Coin Collector (Silver): Beat all bonus levels.
    The floor is lava! (Bronze): Fall into the lava.
    The 1% (Bronze): Beat 99% of all players on a level.
    Don't tell me what to do! (Bronze): Jump over the barrier.
    Bronze Beast (Bronze): Earn a Bronze medal on all levels.
    Silver Slider (Bronze): Earn a Silver medal on all levels.
    Go gold, go gold! (Bronze): Earn a Gold medal on all levels.
    Rainbow Legend (Gold): Earn a Rainbow medal on all levels.
    SUPERHOT (Bronze): Die 100 times.
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