Adam's Venture: Origins



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Hero of the day (Platinum): You've saved the world from a religious war.
    Dominus Illuminatio Mea (Silver): You found a secret passage.
    All roads lead to Luz (Silver): The adventure begins.
    Leap of faith (Gold): Take the leap of faith.
    Adam may yet surprise you! (Gold): You always find a way back!
    Knock knock... (Gold): You opened the gate of Eden.
    Jailbreaker (Silver): You escaped!
    Kill two stones with one bird (Gold): You've restored the water supply.
    Adding a bit of wisdom (Gold): You found Solomon's treasure.
    Nerves of steel (Gold): You saved the temple mount.
    Onwards, to paradise! (Gold): You've found the location of Eden.
    Pairing up (Silver): You've teamed up with Evelyn.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

    Heavy sleeper (Gold): How can you sleep at a time like this?
    Globetrotter (Gold): You've spun all the globes around.
    It all ends with a bang (Gold): You've defeated James Saint-Omair.
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