Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders
Bonus mystery

Use your magnifying glass to collect all the lost clues to solve an extra mystery.

Puzzle solutions

The following is a list of all solutions to the puzzles. Note: The order of the puzzles will vary depending on your path through the game.

  • The first answer is "21"
  • The second answer is "second tram"
  • The time of the first murder is "6:05"
  • The route is "A"
  • Mary Drower's age is "22 years old"
  • The date of the second murder is "25"
  • "Fido"
  • Barnard's house number is "27"
  • The unscrambled word is "FINGERPRINTS"
  • "10:14"
  • The amount of pie that each brother gets is "25%"
  • Thora's riddle is "34 notes"
  • "3 dogs"
  • Mary Drower's second riddle is " 29"
  • The unscrambled word is "TRADE"
  • There are twelve "5"s
  • The race results are green is first, yellow is second, red is third, white is fourth, blue is fifth
  • The stranger appears at the house at 11:20
  • The unscrambled word is "ARROW"
  • The fourth murder will occur on the 11th
  • The unscrambled word is "STOCKINGS"
  • Cubic feet is "0"
  • Laps is "7"
  • Hours is "25"
  • Bahram is first, Caligula sixth, Fairway is third, Hyperion is fifth, Sandwich is second and Windsor Lad is fourth.
  • Sheep is "17"
  • Unscrambled word is "BLOOD"
  • Cust's address is "19"
  • Dominoes is 3"73"
  • C) is second then third
  • "Opal, Susan, Alice"
  • "Egg"
  • "35%"
  • "16 bills"
  • "0 passengers"
  • The real murderer is "Clarke"
  • In the Lost Clues case, "Oliver is guilty".


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Cupid bow moustache (Bronze): Finish Andover.
    Imperial moustache (Bronze): Unmask the murderer.
    Eagle's eye (Bronze): Poirot excels in observing human nature! You are receiving this trophy for having penetrated half the people's thoughts with a simple look.
    Cortex (Bronze): As Poirot says, everybody has brains, but they differ in quality! Yours are exceptional. You've solved half of the questions.
    Gothic confessional (Bronze): It's nice to confide in Uncle Poirot ... And that is why you conducted all of the interrogations to perfection!
    Cesium-133 crystal (Bronze): You believe that symmetry is the source of all beauty and that order generates virtue. What a pleasure it is to sort through things and tidy up! You are loyal to Poirot's spirit.
    Large donkey (Bronze): Even Poirot sometimes makes mistakes ... but he doesn't make as many as you! Get a grip on yourself before your reputation is tarnished.
    Quadruple gear (Bronze): "Glory to the hand of man, the equal of his mind!" One is nothing without the other and it is by using both that you were able to solve all of the riddles!
    Newspaper (Bronze): The newspapers are talking about the case, therefore, they are also talking about you. Fame is not all that unpleasant.

Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

    Pyramidal moustache (Bronze): Finish Bexhill.
    Pencil moustache (Bronze): Finish Churston (first visit).
    Hungarian moustache (Bronze): Finish Churston (second visit).
    Candelabra moustache (Bronze): Finish Marbury Guesthouse.
    Gandhi moustache (Gold): As you were loading the revolver you entrusted to Hastings with blanks, you clearly chose a non-violent approach to the problem. You'll thank yourself for it!
    Sheriff moustache (Silver): You intervened just in time! Your fortuitous telephone call probably saved the Donbar's life.
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