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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Alienated (Platinum): Get all trophies.
    Globetrotter (Bronze): Complete all story locations.
    I Love the Smell of Radiation in the Morning (Bronze): Complete all individual missions in Pripyat.
    Pleasant Little Locale. 5/5, Would Visit Again (Bronze): Complete all individual missions in Ashland.
    Tropical Thunder (Bronze): Complete all individual missions in Fort Itaipu.
    Winter Sports (Bronze): Complete all individual missions in Barrow.
    Fleshworks (Bronze): Kill 20 or more Xenos with a single mine or grenade.
    *Slap* (Bronze): In solo play, finish off a Goliath with a melee attack.
    ((1+4)*2)x (Bronze): In solo play, get a multiplier of 10x.
    Doctor of Death (Silver): Reach level 30 as Bio-Specialist.
    Slyly I Creep, Efficiently I Reap (Silver): Reach level 30 as Saboteur.
    Sneaking Mission (Silver): Reach level 30 as Tank.
    Shipwrecker (Bronze): Gain access to and complete the Battleship mission.
    Then What? (Silver): Gain access to and complete the Mothership mission.
    Worldwide Scientist (Silver): Complete all story locations as Bio-Specialist.
    With Cunning and Cleverness (Silver): Complete all story locations as Saboteur.
    Delicate Touch (Silver): Complete all story locations as Tank.
    The Opposite of Wasteful (Silver): Complete a level with accuracy rating of 90% or higher with 300 or more bullets fired.
    Presentation of a Rich Set of Skills (Silver): In solo play, complete a level without firing your weapons once.
    Yes, Very Subtle (Bronze): In solo play, complete a level without using your Abilities, including rush and melee.
    Well, This Seems Useful (Silver): In solo play, activate every respawn beacon in one story location as a Hardcore character.
    I Can Smell Colors (Bronze): In solo play, gather three different Xenoflowers without the bonus effect of any of them dissipating.
    Beautiful Death (Gold): Equip every weapon and equipment slot with at least a level 30 legendary weapon or equipment.
    By the Power of Weird Alien Artifacts, I Have the Power! (Gold): Insert 12 maximum level cores into a legendary quality weapon.
    This Trophy Is Much Easier than it Looks (Silver): Equip weapons and equipment of at least level 30 in every slot, and fully socket them with maximum level cores..
    High Reroller (Bronze): Reroll weapon or equipment attributes 100 times.
    I Fear Everything (Gold): Reach level 30 as any class on Hardcore mode.
    Bauble of Power (Bronze): Acquire a rank 6 core.
    Done and Done (Bronze): Complete 20 assignments with one character.
    Eventful (Silver): Complete 100 challenge and/or hitman events with one character.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

    Ooh, Shiny! (Bronze): Acquire your first legendary.
    What Do We Have Here? (Bronze): Gain an access key to a UFO.
    Maximum Gains (Gold): Reach hero level 100.
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