Angry Birds Star Wars



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Congratulations! (Platinum): You have unlocked the Platinum Trophy!
    Mighty Launch (Bronze): Mighty Falcon Launched (in Single Player Mode).
    Falcon Escape (Bronze): 100% destruction with Falcon (in Single Player Mode).
    Hyperspace (Bronze): 100% destruction with Falcon 50 times (in Single Player Mode).
    That's No Moon (Bronze): Tatooine completed.
    Tatooine - The Force (Bronze): Tatooine: Get 2,380,000 points.
    Disturbing Misobedience (Bronze): Death Star completed.
    Death Star - The Force (Bronze): Death Star: Get 3,180,000.
    Courage of Jedi (Bronze): Path of the Jedi completed.
    Path of the Jedi - The Force (Gold): Path of the Jedi: Get 3,250,000 points.
    Probe Explorer (Bronze): 1 droid level found.
    Probe Gatherer (Bronze): 5 droid levels found.
    Jedi Initiate (Bronze): 50 blocks smashed with saber.
    Jedi Knight (Bronze): 500 blocks smashed with saber.
    Jedi Master (Bronze): 2000 blocks smashed with saber.
    Force Learner (Bronze): 2000 blocks thrown with Force.
    Ultimate Laser Shooter (Bronze): 1000 blocks smashed with blaster laser.
    Skilled Pilot (Bronze): 500 blocks smashed with Pilot.
    Magnificent Grumble (Bronze): 300 blocks smashed with Chewbacca.
    Prominent Jedi (Bronze): Three lasers deflected with saber (in Single Player Mode).
    Target Shooter (Bronze): Three pigs shot with a single blaster shot (in Single Player Mode).
    Star Bird Fan (Bronze): Angry Birds Star Wars played for 5 hours.
    True Star Bird Fan (Bronze): Angry Birds Star Wars played for 15 hours.
    Fly Bird Fly (Bronze): 5000 birds launched.
    There's No-one Here (Bronze): Stormtrooper shot another trooper (in Single Player mode).
    Imperial Entanglement (Bronze): Stormtrooper popped with Tie Fighter's wing (in Single Player mode).
    Walking Carpet (Bronze): Same turret shot Chewbacca 6 times with a direct hit (in Single Player mode).
    Simple Pigs and Nonsense (Bronze): 300 stormtroopers popped.
    The Birds Will Be With You (Bronze): 10 levels completed with one bird.
    Lack of Faith (Bronze): Level restarted 100 times.
    Pork side of the Force (Bronze): Fail level 10 times with one pig left (in Single Player Mode).
    Fatal Attraction (Bronze): Lift 500 blocks with gravitational field disruptor.
    Transport Is Away (Bronze): Hoth completed.
    Hoth - The Force (Bronze): Hoth: Get 3,450,000 points.
    Mynock Tangle (Bronze): Mynock popped with another mynock in 6 levels (in Single Player Mode).
    Block Buster (Bronze): Smash 25 blocks with a single flight of Boba.

Additionally, there are 15 secret trophies:

    Tatooine - All Stars (Silver): Tatooine: Three stars in all levels.
    Death Star - All Stars (Silver): Death Star: Three stars in all levels.
    Jettisoned Jetpacks (Bronze): Collect all 5 Jetpacks.
    Path of the Jedi - All Stars (Silver): Path of the Jedi: Three stars in all levels.
    Star Bird Addict (Gold): Angry Birds Star Wars played for 30 hours.
    Hoth - All Stars (Silver): Hoth: Three stars in all levels.
    There is no try (Bronze): Play a multiplayer game with a total of four people.
    The circle is now complete (Silver): Complete the Exclusive Levels.
    All too easy (Gold): Exclusive Levels: Three stars in all levels.
    Thank the maker! (Bronze): Unlock your first secret from the Extras menu.
    Well, look at you! (Bronze): Earn your first bonus score in a multiplayer match.
    No more training do you require (Bronze): Unlock 5 different bonus scores within the multiplayer mode.
    The Force is strong (Bronze): Unlock all of the bonus scores within the multiplayer mode.
    Impressive (Bronze): Collect your first character sticker.
    Most Impressive (Bronze): Collect 10 character stickers.
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