Anima: Gate Of Memories



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    All Trophies (Platinum): Obtain the other trophies.
    Ending: Everything you ever wanted (Silver): Finish the game obtaining the Worst Ending.
    Ending: The Ultimate Monster (Silver): Finish the game obtaining the Bad Ending.
    True Ending (Gold): Finish the game obtaining the True Ending.
    Ending: A Premature Conclusion (Silver): Finish the game obtaining the Early Ending.
    Ending: Just Too Competent! (Silver): Obtain the Joke Ending.
    A Mysterious Place (Bronze): Reach Arcane.
    Master of Puppets (Bronze): Defeat Nascal the Puppetmaster.
    The Dark Child (Bronze): Defeat Jonathan Kappel.
    The Nameless Messenger (Bronze): Defeat The Nameless Messenger for first time.
    The Fallen One (Bronze): Defeat Druaga.
    Inner Nightmare (Bronze): Defeat Malekith, the Lord of Nightmares.
    The Real Monster (Gold): Defeat the Secret Boss.
    Ultimate Collector (Gold): Find all items, weapons and artifacts.
    True Power (Silver): Reach Level 20.
    A Recurrent Memory (Gold): Finish the game in New Game+.
    Good Memory (Gold): Obtain all Memories
    Breaker of Chains (Silver): Free all Prisoners.
    Midnight Chitchat! (Bronze): Finish all possible conversations with Ergo.
    First Down! (Bronze): Defeat a Memory Knight.
    Memory of Legends (Gold): Obtain the Angelus.
    Blood Reward (Silver): Give the Blood Stone to its owner.
    Bully (Bronze): Steal from the rich, give to myself!
    Up and Beyond! (Bronze): Open the way to the upper floors.

Additionally, there are two secret trophies:

    Unholy Rebellion (Silver): Defeat Romeo Exxet.
    Hand of Death (Silver): Defeat for second time The Nameless Messenger.
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