Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Legend (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
    Almighty (Gold): Unlock all the Shadow Techniques.
    Ghost (Gold): Obtain all 'Yurei' medals.
    God of Death (Gold): Obtain all 'Oni' medals.
    Pacifist (Gold): Obtain all 'Kami' medals.
    Shadow Master (Gold): Find all Scrolls.
    Fear the Aragami (Silver): Kill 100 enemies.
    Aggressive Climbing (Bronze): Perform a Ledge Kill.
    Apprentice (Bronze): Find a Scroll.
    Aragami (Bronze): Complete Chapter 1
    Ascension (Bronze): Complete Chapter 12.
    Chimes of the Past (Bronze): Complete Chapter 3
    Dishonored (Bronze): Die while performing a stealth kill.
    Face Off (Bronze): Get killed by an arrow while throwing a 'Kunai'.
    God Eater (Bronze): Use 'Shinen' to swallow 3 guards at the same time.
    Gravity Rush (Bronze): Perform an aerial kill from a 30m height.
    I don't care! (Bronze): Skip a cinematic.
    Jumper (Bronze): Perform 100 Shadow Leaps.
    Just the wind (Bronze): Obtain a 'Yurei' medal.
    Kyuryu (Bronze): Complete Chapter 7
    Lights out (Bronze): Destroy a light orb for 1st time
    Mausoleum of the Fallen (Bronze): Complete Chapter 6
    Military District (Bronze): Complete Chapter 10.
    No witnesses (Bronze): Obtain an 'Oni' medal.
    Paint It Black (Bronze): Summon 100 shadows.
    The Call of the Shadows (Bronze): Complete Chapter 2
    The Darkness (Bronze): Perform your first Shadow Kill.
    The first step (Bronze): Unlock your first Shadow Technique
    The Great Lake (Bronze): Complete Chapter 5
    The Last Captain (Bronze): Complete Chapter 9.
    The Old Sage (Bronze): Complete Chapter 8.
    The Shaded Woods (Bronze): Complete Chapter 4
    The Sixth Talisman (Bronze): Complete Chapter 11.
    Their own medicine (Bronze): Use an explosive light to kill a guard.
    There's always a choice (Bronze): Obtain a 'Kami' medal.
    Troll (Bronze): Trigger caution mode on the same guard 3 times.
    Twin Souls (Bronze): Complete Chapter 13.
    Up and Down (Bronze): Perform a Ceiling Kill.
    Wombo Combo (Bronze): Concatenate multiple stealth kills.

Additionally, there is one secret trophy:

    Aragami!? Aragami!! (Bronze): Die. Again. And again.
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