Arc The Lad: Twilight Of The Spirits



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Spirit Master (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
    Fully Recovered (Bronze): Have a healer return your party to full health.
    The First Battle (Bronze): Complete The First Battle.
    Awakening (Bronze): Complete the Awakening chapter.
    Setting Out (Bronze): Complete the Setting Out chapter.
    Ambition (Bronze): Complete the Ambition chapter.
    Sticky Fingers (Bronze): Steal an item from an enemy.
    Double Teamed (Bronze): Perform a dual attack.
    Conflict (Silver): Complete the Conflict chapter.
    Love and Hate (Silver): Complete the Love and Hate chapter.
    Rage (Silver): Complete the Rage chapter.
    Reunion (Silver): Complete the Reunion chapter.
    Truth (Silver): Complete the Truth chapter.
    Evolution (Silver): Complete the Evolution chapter.
    Rivalry (Silver): Complete the Rivalry chapter.
    High Class Combat (Silver): Learn an 8-star skill.
    Strength of the Humans (Silver): Reach level 50 with Kharg.
    Strength of the Deimos (Silver): Reach level 50 with Darc.
    Deciphering the Spirits (Silver): Bring all five Spirit Dictionaries to Span.
    Keeper of the Tablets (Silver): Collect all of the Ancient Tablets.
    Strength in Numbers (Gold): Reach level 50 with a companion.
    Well Versed (Gold): Learn every skill for Kharg and Darc.
    Crowd Pleaser (Gold): Complete the Mark of Devils, Road of Bravery, Enlightenment's Path, and Title of Demons Arena challenges.

Additionally, there are nine secret trophies:

    Expensive Taste (Bronze): Obtain the Gorgeous Ring.
    It's on the House (Bronze): Equip one character with three Romantic Earrings.
    Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables (Bronze): Consume a Bountiful Fruit.
    Puppet Master (Bronze): Use Mind Control to take control of an enemy.
    Can't Fly on an Empty Stomach (Bronze): Feed the Pyron some food.
    An Ancient Curiosity (Silver): Win Diekbeck from the Cathena Arena.
    You Rang? (Silver): Win Choco from the Rueloon arena.
    A True Deimos (Gold): Defeat Droguza in his altered Deimos form.
    Spiritual Victory (Gold): Defeat the Lord of the Black Abyss.
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