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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    There Can Be Only One (Platinum): Discover all trophies.
    Spring Has Sprung (Bronze): Beat Spring.
    Blood Red Summer (Bronze): Beat Summer.
    Fall Has Fallen (Bronze): Beat Fall.
    Winter Came (Bronze): Beat Winter.
    The Warrior-King (Bronze): Beat the game with Memnon.
    The Slayer of Beasts (Bronze): Beat the game with Theseus.
    A New Challenger Appears: Gilgamesh (Bronze): Unlock Gilgamesh.
    The One Who Saw the Abyss (Bronze): Beat the game with Gilgamesh.
    A New Challenger Appears: Chulainn (Bronze): Unlock Chulainn.
    The Hound of Ulster (Bronze): Beat the game with Chulainn.
    A New Challenger Appears: Ghat (Bronze): Unlock Ghat.
    The Peerless Mage (Bronze): Beat the game with Ghat.
    A New Challenger Appears: Midas (Bronze): Unlock Midas.
    The Golden Touch (Bronze): Beat the game with Midas.
    A New Challenger Appears: Hanuman (Bronze): Unlock Hanuman.
    The Prodigy (Bronze): Beat the game with Hanuman.
    Ozymandias (Silver): Beat the game with every character.
    My First Ascendant (Bronze): Beat the game on Baby Mode.
    Ascendant (Silver): Beat the game on Normal Mode.
    Are You Not Entertained?!?!? (Gold): Beat the game on Rage Mode.
    The First of Many (Bronze): Die.
    Like Father, Like Son (Bronze): Defeat both versions of Grunty and his son.
    A Taste of His Own Medicine (Bronze): Defeat The Maw without attacking or casting spells.
    Boom! (Bronze): Defeat The Automaton with his own powder kegs.
    How Do You Like It?!? (Bronze): Defeat an Alchemist with a pot.
    Matricide (Bronze): Defeat a Mama Fly with its own egg.
    Stop It! (Bronze): Parry a Stalker while it is dashing.
    Heavy Handed (Bronze): Deal over 1000 damage in a single attack.
    Structural Flaw (Bronze): Knock down Grunty's tower the easy way.
    Where Am I?!? (Bronze): Find a secret room.
    Bled Dry (Bronze): Buy all of the items in a blood shop.
    Event Planner (Bronze): Visit every special event room.
    RNGesus (Bronze): Equip a unique weapon and a unique spell at the same time.
    Vlad (Bronze): Impale 30 enemies in a single playthrough.
    You've Got Spirit, Yes You Do (Bronze): Equip 15 or more spirits in a single playthrough.
    Idol (Bronze): Reach 999 influence in a single playthrough.
    Shopaholic (Bronze): Spend 300 influence in a single playthrough.
    The Life Ascetic (Silver): Beat the game without equipping a blessing on Normal Mode or Higher.
    BRB, Overthrowing a Deity (Silver): Beat the game in under 60 minutes on Normal mode or higher.
    I Don't Need Your Charity! (Silver): Beat the game with the starting weapon and spell on Normal mode or higher.
    Cheapskate (Silver): Beat the game without spending any influence on Normal mode or higher.
    Count Your Blessings (Silver): Unlock every blessing.
    Blessed (Silver): Discover every blessing definition.
    Heavy Breathing (Silver): Discover every breath.
    Spiritual (Silver): Discover every spirit.
    Weapon Master (Silver): Discover every weapon.
    Grimoire (Silver): Discover every spell.
    Cover to Cover (Gold): Discover everything in the journal.
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