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Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The Director (Platinum): All prior trophies have been unlocked.
    Archivist (Gold): Collects all Project Dossiers.
    Top-shelf librarian (Gold): Read all the magazines in the waiting rooms.
    Get thee a wife (Silver): Listen to Benson's voice message to Larson.
    Much ado about Benson (Silver): Give Larson's love note to Benson.
    Some Assembly required (Silver): Discover the preperation for Madeleine's trials.
    The way we were (Silver): Complete the obsolete Pillar Trial.
    Moving parts (Bronze): Complete your first trial.
    Oh hai doggy! (Bronze): Feed the dog.
    Prometheus Bound (Bronze): Spot Dr Chevez.
    Straw Men (Bronze): Complete your second trial.

Additionally, there are 19 secret trophies:

    Informed consent (Gold): Madeleine is offered a job at the Assembly.
    Last day of work (Gold): Escape the Assembly.
    Paging Dr. Forbin (Gold): Complete The Assembly.
    Cloak and... (Silver): Attempt to leave the second trial with a dagger.
    Cold as ice (Silver): Discover the Cryo experiment.
    Coughs and Sneezes (Silver): Reach the 4th year in any round of the Outbreak trial.
    Guardian angel (Silver): Discover Anton's investigation into the Director's illness.
    Had you had an accident or injury at work? (Silver): Disable Silver Matter.
    Perihelion (Silver): Meet the Director.
    Take a picture, it'll last longer (Silver): Continually stare at Dr Chevez.
    Wolfie's fine honey (Silver): 'Save' the dog from Dr Chevez's experiment.
    Yeah, we happy (Silver): Open the briefcase.
    Louder than war (Bronze): Expel Gerard from his room.
    Meet the sandwich (Bronze): Find the sandwich in samples fridge.
    One good man (Bronze): Hear Cal's Confession.
    Please eject your USB device before removing... (Bronze): Retrieve your Portable Hard Drive.
    Raven Paradox (Bronze): Gather all evidence.
    Warning Sign (Bronze): Find the Casius-D dossier.
    Will you walk into my parlor (Bronze): Meet Dr Chevez.
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