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Cheat Codes

Display the Seed entry prompt at the "Character Select" menu. Then, enter one of the following seed codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. You can remove any codes by pressing L1 + R1 + Square. Note: Entering a seed code will prevent trophies from being earned. Additionally, some codes may delete your saved game file.

ResultSeed code
Easier game1337 HAXR
Start with 69 coins and have to purchase all items and pickupsFREE 2PAY or PAY2 PLAY
Large pools of blood when enemies dieBL00 00DY
Character leaves fecal trailBRWN SNKE
Sound effects replaced with fartsFART SNDS
All enemies have permanently fearedFEAR M1NT
All items except troll bombs mimic Issac's movementKEEP AWAY
Character only visible as brown shadowCAM0 K1DD
Enemies only visible as brown shadowsCAM0 F0ES
Invisible character except for surrounding light effect1MN0 B0DY
Invisible enemiesBL1N DEYE
Enemies respawn when character leaves room; new items do not dropC0ME BACK
Enemies fight each otherC0CK FGHT orCLST RPH0
Eligible enemies become championsCHAM P10N
Concussive enemies that move randomlyC0NF ETT1
Reversed controlsDRAW KCAB
Tarot cards are face down when collectedFACE D0WN
Enemies become feared randomlyFRAI DN0T
Grey characterKAPP A
The lower your health, the slower the musicHART BEAT
Pill names and descriptions appear as ???MED1 C1NE
Can destroy rocksNFB8 3WSG
Doors open immediately, tears are harmless; Boss's health act as timersPAC1 F1SM or PAC1 F1ST
Character and tears turn blackPTCH BLCK
Ticking starts every 45 seconds, after 5 seconds character takes half heart of damageTHEG H0ST
Take damage when idleD0NT ST0P
Character takes double damageHARD HARD
Slow motion while character is idle; music speed altered with movement speedSL0W 4ME2
Jumbled in-game textDYSL EX1C
CRT displayB00B T00B
All floors have the basement room tile setBASE MENT
Load screen always displays "Are You Sure You Want Me To Die?"1TEN DSHE or SUPA SWAG
UnknownB911 99AC
Unknown8AJJ AASE
UnknownB911 TCZL
UnknownTAR0 TARJ
Unknown1SAA AACE
UnknownN1CA L1SY

The following codes can be used in the "Afterbirth" DLC:

ResultSeed code
30 minute limit30M1 N1TS
Asocial enemiesCLST RPH0
Axis aligned controlsAX1S ALGN
Big head modeT0PH EAVY
Black bodyPTCH BLCK
Camouflage enemiesCAM0 F0ES
Camouflage playerCAM0 K1DD
Camouflage stuffCAM0 DR0P
Cathode rays!B00B T00B
Champion enemiesCHAM P10N
Charmed enemiesC0CK FGHT
ChristmasCHRS TMAS
Confused enemiesC0NF ETT1
CowardiceC0WR D1CE
Damage on a timerTHEG H0ST
Don't stop movingD0NT ST0P
DowntempoANDA NTE
Downtempo--LARG HET0
DyslexiaDYSL EX1A
Enemies respawnC0ME BACK
Escape the LabyrinthTHRE AD
Extra GoreBL00 00DY
F2P versionFREE 2PAY
Farty soundsFART SNDS
Forever UnknownVNKN 0WN
Full heart damageHARD HARD
Glowing tearsTEAR GL0W
GrayscaleKAPP A
Heal the BlindBRA1 LLE
Health tempoHART BEAT
Hopelessly LostL0ST
Horrible CurseCVRS ED
I once was LostF0VN D
Ice Physics1CES KATE
Illuminate DarknessN1TE L1TE
Incurable BlindnessBL1ND
Inescapable LabyrinthLABY RNTH
Infinite BasementsBASE MENT
Invisible enemiesBL1N DEYE
Invisible player1MN0 B0DY
Kids' co-op modeK1DS M0DE
Know the UnknownN0W1 KN0W
Movement tempoSL0W 4ME2
Mystery cardsFACE D0WN
Mystery pillsMED1 C1NE
PacifismPAC1 F1SM
Permanent DarknessDARK NESS
Pickups time outG0NE S00N
Point of no returnN0RE TVRN
Poopy TrailBRWN SNKE
Reversed controlsDRAW KCAB
Scaredy enemiesFEAR M1NT
Skittish enemiesFRA1 DN0T
Stay out of the MazePATH F1ND
Tiny head modeT1NY D0ME
Total curse ImmunityBLCK CNDL
Tricky pickupsKEEP AWAY
Twelve heart damageBRTL B0NS
Unending MazeMAZE
UptempoALLE GR0
Uptempo++PRES T0

Bonus characters

Successfully Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character:

    ???: Defeat Mom's Heart ten times. ??? starts with three Soul Hearts, and has The Poop (spawns a poop, recharges once per room).

    Azazel: Make three deals with the Devil in one run. Azazel has the "0 - The Fool" ability, which can teleport you to the current floor's starting room. He starts with three Demon Hearts as health. When a Demon Heart is lost, damage is dealt to all enemies in the room. He can fire a short-range Brimstone beam, and can fly over hazards.

    Cain: Have at least 55 pennies at once. Cain starts with one regular key, and has the "Lucky Foot" ability, which increases Luck.

    Eden: Successfully complete "The Womb" chapter. Using Eden requires a special token obtained by defeating Mom's Heart or It Lives.

    Eve: Do not collect any Hearts (Red, Spirit, Eternal, or Demon) for two floors. Eve has the "Dead Bird" (dead bird spawns when hit and attacks enemies) and "W'hore Of Babylon" (increased damage and speed when at one heart) abilities.

    Judas: Defeat Satan. Judas starts with three pennies, and has the Book Of Belial, which increases damage for the current room. It recharges once every three rooms.

    Lazarus: Have four Spirit Hearts at once. Lazarus has a random pill. He can revive once upon death with a Red Heart container and the "Anemic" ability (leaves blood trail in current room that damages enemies when damage is taken).

    Magdalene: Have at least seven Red Heart containers at once. Magdalene starts with a Yum Heart, which heals one heart upon use. It recharges once every four rooms.

    Samson: Do not take damage for two floors. Samson has the "Bloody Lust" ability, which increases his damage dealt each time he takes damage. The bonus damage resets with each floor.

    The Lost: Die in the following specific manners, in order in the same game session without any other type of death in-between. Have Isaac die by a Mulliboom's explosion in either the Basement or Cellar. Have Magdalene die by your own bomb in either the Caves or Catacombs. Have Judas die by Mom. Have Azazel die by Satan during his second phase in Sheol. The Lost can fly, cannot pick up hearts or have health increase, Devil Room items can be taken without penalty, and dies if the game is left idle.

Bonus items

Successfully complete the indicated task with the listed character to unlock the corresponding item:


    ???'s Only Friend: Defeat Boss Rush.
    Fate: Defeat Boss Rush.
    Forget Me Now: Defeat Satan.
    D6: Defeat Isaac.
    ???'s Soul: Defeat The Dark Room.


    The Nail: Defeat Boss Rush.
    Daemon's Tail: Defeat Satan.
    The Satanic Bible: Defeat Isaac.
    Abaddon: Defeat The Chest.
    Demon Baby: Defeat The Dark Room.


    Sack Of Pennies: Defeat Isaac.
    Cain's Other Eye: Defeat Boss Rush.
    Bomb Bag: Defeat Satan.
    Cain's Eye: Defeat The Chest.
    Abel: Defeat The Dark Room.


    Undefined: Defeat Boss Rush.
    The Book Of Secrets: Defeat Satan.
    A Blank Card: Defeat Isaac.
    Mysterious Paper: Defeat The Chest.
    Mystery Sack: Defeat The Dark Room.


    Eve's Mascara: Defeat Boss Rush.
    Razor Blade: Defeat Satan.
    Eve's Bird Foot: Defeat Isaac.
    Sacrificial Dagger: Defeat The Chest.
    Black Lipstick: Defeat The Dark Room.


    Isaac's Head: Defeat Boss Rush.
    Mom's Perfume: Defeat Isaac.
    D20: Defeat The Chest.
    Missing Poster: Defeat The Dark Room.


    Judas' Shadow: Defeat Boss Rush.
    Judas' Tongue: Defeat Satan.
    Guillotine: Defeat Isaac.
    Curved Horn: Defeat The Dark Room.


    Broken Ankh: Defeat Satan.
    Lazarus' Rags: Defeat Isaac.
    Pandora's Box: Defeat The Dark Room.


    The Relic: Defeat Isaac.
    Maggy's Bow: Defeat Boss Rush.
    Guardian Angel: Defeat Satan.
    Celtic Cross: Defeat The Chest.
    Maggy's Faith: Defeat The Dark Room.


    Samson's Chains: Defeat Boss Rush.
    Blood Rights: Defeat Satan.
    Bloody Lust: Defeat Isaac.
    Bloody Penny: Defeat The Chest.
    Samson's Lock: Defeat The Dark Room.

The Lost

    D100: Defeat Boss Rush.
    The Mind: Defeat Satan.
    Isaac's Heart: Defeat Isaac.
    The Body: Defeat The Chest.
    The Soul: Defeat The Dark Room.

Easy items

This trick requires the Blank Card (from defeating Isaac in the Cathedral with Eden), Jera Rune (from completing the "High Brow" challenge), and the D20 (from defeating ??? in the Chest with Isaac). Having the D6 (from defeating Isaac in the Cathedral with ???) is also helpful. Start by finding a room that has at least one battery on the ground. Alternately, spawn them with the 48 Hour Energy pill. Remove all other items from the room. Use charges from somewhere else to copy those batteries with the Blank Card and Jera until you have at least three of them. Use batteries from the room to copy batteries for a net gain. Keep doing this until the room is filled with batteries to virtually have infinite charges for any activated item. Then, obtain a Judgement card (from Wheel Of Fortune cloning, Tarot Deck, etc.). Use the Blank Card and Jera in a new room to copy a large number of Judgement cards. Go to another new room, and copy a large number of coins, keys and hearts. Note: Try spawning a few Beggars and bombing them. Use the resources in this room to refill when required. If you need a D20, use the Judgement cards to spawn Beggars and farm them until you get one from a Key Beggar chest. Finally, use the following four steps to complete the process:

    1. Fill the largest room available with items such as coins. A room is considered full when it starts replacing old items with new ones.

    2. Use the D20 to reroll the items, open all the chests, pick up any passive items, pills, and other helpful objects and repeat. Avoid collecting items that are not needed.

    3. Once a D6 drops, repeat the steps in a smaller room to get a few activated items. Swap any activated items that you want to keep elsewhere.

    4. Reroll the items in the main room with the D6, collect anything desired, and repeat the process. Use the D20 to refill as needed.

Zodiac items

Collect the listed item to gain the corresponding effect:

    Aquarius: Leave trail of tears that damage enemies.
    Aries: Movement speed increases, and grows horns on head that can damage enemies.
    Cancer: Get three spirit hearts, the ability to inflict poison on contact, and convert damage over time into half hearts.
    Capricorn: All stats increased, get one bomb, and key and coin.
    Gemini: Gemini's baby appears on Isaac and damages nearby enemies.
    Leo: Break rocks by walking on them.
    Libra: Get six keys, bombs and coins, and have all stats balanced.
    Pisces: Tear upgrade and their knockback is increased.
    Sagittarius: Tears are piercing and have faster rate.
    Scorpio: Tears are poisonous, and tear stats lowered.
    Taurus: Movement speed decrease but gets faster when enemies are present. When fast enough, can damage enemies on contact.
    Virgo: Empty red heart containers refilled, and get temporary shield once per room.

Trinket effects

Equip the indicated trinket to gain the corresponding effect:

    ???'s Soul: Spawns a familiar that floats slowly around the room on a pattern close to The Peeper and fires spectral and homing tears.
    AAA Battery: Automatically recharges the last energy slot of an activated item, reducing recharge rates by one.
    Ace of Spades: Increases the chance of tarot cards or playing cards dropping after clearing a room, and the chance of finding cards when opening a chest.
    Bible Tract: Increases chance for Eternal Hearts to appear.
    Black Lipstick: Increases the chance of Devil Rooms and Black Hearts appearing. Lowers the chance of Angel Rooms and Eternal Hearts appearing. Presented to the player with "Evil Up"
    Bloody Penny: 50% chance to drop a half heart when money is collected.
    Broken Ankh: Isaac has a chance to be revived as ???. Can occur multiple times.
    Broken Magnet: Pulls coins towards Isaac.
    Broken Remote: Triggers the Teleport effect when an activated item is used.
    Burnt Penny: 50% chance to drop a bomb when collected.
    Butt Penny: Isaac will fart when he picks up a coin.
    Cain's Eye: When starting a floor, 25% chance to get the Compass effect for the duration of that floor.
    Callus: Prevents damage from creep and spikes.
    Cancer: Increases Tears by 2.
    Cartridge: Chance to trigger The Gamekid effect upon taking damage.
    Child's Heart: Increases the chance of a Heart dropping after clearing a room, and the chance of finding a Heart when opening a Chest.
    Counterfeit Penny: 50% chance of increasing the value of every coin pickup by one.
    Cursed Skull: If Isaac has less than one full red heart after taking damage, he will be teleported to the last cleared room he was in.
    Curved Horn: increases damage by 2.
    Daemon's Tail: Large chance of any non-specific Heart drop turning into a Black Heart.
    Eve's Bird Foot: 5% chance to spawn a Dead Bird familiar for the current room each time an enemy dies.
    Fish Head: Spawns a Blue Fly every time Isaac takes damage.
    Flat Penny: 50% chance of spawning a key upon collecting a penny.
    Flat Worm: Isaac's tears take on an oblong appearance. They also push enemies back.
    Goat Hoof: Increases speed by 0.15.
    Hook Worm: Tears move shifting left to right forming a path of right angles. +10 to Range.
    Isaac's Head: Isaac's severed head as a tear-firing familiar. Fires piercing tears.
    Isaacs's Fork: Isaac a 10% chance for being healed 1/2 a red heart upon clearing a room.
    Judas' Tongue: Items in the Devil Room only to cost 1 heart. Soul heart trades still cost 3 Soul hearts.
    Liberty Cap: Chance of giving Isaac a random passive effect from Mushroom Items as well as its corresponding visual effect upon entering a room. Has also 20% chance of granting the compass effect upon entering a room.
    Lucky Rock: Rocks and mushrooms drop coins upon being destroyed.
    Lucky Toe: Increases the chance to get a drop after clearing a room. Although the Luck stat also influences this, it does not actually increase the Luck stat.
    Maggy's Faith: Eternal heart at the start of every floor.
    Match Stick: Increases the chance of Bombs dropping after clearing a room, and the chance of finding Bombs when opening a Chest.
    Missing Poster: If Isaac dies in a Sacrifice Room, a puzzle piece will appear on his last will.
    Mom's Pearl: Secondary 10% chance of any non-specific Heart drop turning into a Soul Heart.
    Mom's Tonenail: Mom's foot randomly stomps down somewhere in the room. One minute intervals.
    Monkey Paw: If the character has half a red heart or no red hearts after taking damage, it grants a Black Heart. The effect can trigger up to three times, after which the trinket will disappear.
    Mysterious Candy: Isaac farts or poops at random intervals. Getting hit can also trigger the effect.
    Mysterious Paper: Chance to trigger the effect of The Polaroid or The Negative every time damage is taken if the character has only half a red heart or no red hearts.
    Paper Clip: Golden Chests to be opened without using a key.
    Petrified Poop: Increases the chances of a pickup dropping when destroying poop.
    Pinky Eye: Adds a 10% chance to shoot a poison tear, dealing damage over time when inflicted.
    Pulse Worm: Shots pulse in size.
    Purple Heart: Increases chance for challenge rooms to be boss challenge rooms. Causes more enemy champions to spawn.
    Push Pin: Adds a 10% chance to shoot a piercing and spectral tear.
    Red Patch: Chance of increasing damage by 1.8 for the current room upon taking damage.
    Ring Worm: Gives Isaac spinning shots.
    Rosary Bead: Increases the chance of Angel Rooms and Eternal Hearts appearing. Present to the Isaac with "Faith Up"
    Rusted Key: Improves the chance of keys and golden chests dropping after clearing a room, and chance of finding a key when opening a chest.
    Safety Cap: Improves the chance of Pills dropping after clearing a room, and chance of finding a Pill when opening a Chest.
    Samson's Lock: 1 in 15 chance to increase damage by 0.5 for the current room each time an enemy dies.
    Store Credit: Next store purchase is free. The trinket disappears on purchase.
    Swallowed Penny: Isaac drops a penny upon taking damage.
    The Left Hand: Replaces Brown Chests and Golden Chests with Red Chests.
    The Tick: Drains 15% health of each enemy with more than 60 HP. Also restores one red heart of Isaac whenever he enters an uncleared boss room. The Tick cannot be swapped out for another trinket.
    Umbilical Cord: Spawns a Little Steven familiar for the current room when Isaac's health is brought to half a red heart and no soul hearts.
    Whip Worm: Increases shot speed by 1 and increases range.
    Wiggle Worm: Gives Isaac's shots a wave-like trajectory and increases rate of fire.

Character stats

The following is a list of health, speed, and attack stats for all characters:

??? -1 2 2
Azazel -1 2 3
Cain 2 2 2
Eden Random Random Random
Eve 2 2 1
Isaac 3 2 2
Judas 1 2 3
Lazarus 3 2 2
Magdalene 4 1 2
Samson 3 2 1
The Lost 0 2 2

Easy "Platinum God" trophy

Unlock all other trophies and collect every pedestal item to get the "Platinum God" trophy.

Easy "The Mind" trophy

Defeat Satan (Boss of Sheol) with The Lost to get "The Mind" trophy. Note: Items that revive you as a different character (for example, Judas' Shadow or Broken Ankh) will disqualify your progress if you die and are revived.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
    Magdalene (Bronze): Have 7 or more max red hearts at one time.
    Cain (Bronze): Hold 55 or more pennies at one time.
    Eve (Bronze): Beat 2 levels in a row without picking up any hearts.
    Samson (Bronze): Beat 2 levels in a row without taking damage.
    Azazel (Bronze): Make 3 deals with the devil in one run.
    Lazarus (Bronze): Have 4 or more soul hearts at one time.
    Eden (Bronze): Beat the Womb for the first time.
    Something from the future (Bronze): Beat the Basement 40 times.
    Something Cute (Bronze): Beat the Caves 30 times.
    Something sticky (Bronze): Beat the Depths 20 times.
    Basement Boy (Bronze): Beat the Basement/Cellar without taking damage.
    Spelunker Boy (Bronze): Beat the Caves/Catacombs without taking damage.
    Dark Boy (Bronze): Beat the Depths/Necropolis without taking damage.
    Mama's Boy (Bronze): Beat the Womb/Utero without taking damage.
    Challenges (Bronze): Beat all 20 Challenges.
    Little Baggy (Bronze): Collect 2 of either Roid Rage, The Virus, Growth Hormones, Experimental Treatment, or Speed Ball.
    The Womb (Bronze): Kill Mom.
    The Halo (Bronze): Kill Mom using the Bible.
    Transcendence (Bronze): Kill Mom's Heart 3 times.
    Everything Is Terrible (Bronze): Kill Mom's Heart 5 times.
    A Quarter (Bronze): Kill Mom's Heart 8 times.
    A Fetus In A Jar (Bronze): Kill Mom's Heart 9 times.
    Blue Baby (Bronze): Kill Mom's Heart 10 times.
    It Lives (Bronze): Kill Mom's Heart 11 times.
    The Book Of Sin (Bronze): Kill all 7 sins.
    Golden God (Silver): You are the best!
    Platinum God (Gold): Collect all items and unlock all secrets and endings.

Additionally, there are 31 secret trophies:

    Isaac's Tears (Bronze): Kill Isaac with Isaac.
    Mom's Knife (Bronze): Kill Satan with Isaac.
    Isaac's Heart (Bronze): Kill Isaac with The Lost.
    The Mind (Bronze): Kill Satan with The Lost.
    The Relic (Bronze): Kill Isaac with Maggy.
    Guardian Angel (Bronze): Kill Satan with Maggy.
    The Coin Bag (Bronze): Kill Isaac with Cain.
    The Bomb Bag (Bronze): Kill Satan with Cain.
    Judas (Bronze): Kill Satan.
    The Guillotine (Bronze): Kill Isaac with Judas.
    Judas' Tongue (Bronze): Kill Satan with Judas.
    Eve's Bird Foot (Bronze): Kill Isaac with Eve.
    The Razor (Bronze): Kill Satan with Eve.
    Bloody Lust (Bronze): Kill Isaac with Samson.
    Blood Rights (Bronze): Kill Satan with Samson.
    The Satanic Bible (Bronze): Kill Isaac with Azazel.
    Daemon's Tail (Bronze): Kill Satan with Azazel.
    Lazarus' Rags (Bronze): Kill Isaac with Lazarus.
    Broken Ankh (Bronze): Kill Satan with Lazarus.
    A Blank Card (Bronze): Kill Isaac with Eden.
    The Book Of Secrets (Bronze): Kill Satan with Eden.
    Dead Boy (Bronze): Beat the Chest or Dark Room without taking damage.
    Boss Rush (Silver): Beat the Boss Rush.
    Dark Room (Bronze): Beat the Dark Room.
    The Chest (Bronze): Beat the Chest.
    Lost Poster (Bronze): Beat the Dark Room with Isaac.
    Forget Me Now (Bronze): Kill Satan with ???.
    The Polaroid (Bronze): Beat Cathedral 5 times.
    The Negative (Bronze): Beat Sheol 5 times.
    The Lost (Bronze): Finish the game's final secret.
    Real Platinum God (Gold): 100% the game.

The following trophies require the "Afterbirth" bonus downloadable content:

    Lilith (Bronze): Beat Greed Mode with Azazel.

Additionally, there are six secret trophies with the "Afterbirth" bonus downloadable content:

    Cambion Conception (Bronze): Kill ??? with Lilith.
    Succubus (Bronze): Kill The Lamb with Lilith.
    Keeper (Silver): Donate 1000 coins in Greed Mode.
    Deep Pockets (Bronze): Kill ??? with Keeper.
    Karma (Bronze): Kill The Lamb with Keeper.
    1001% (Gold): Collect all items and unlock all secrets.
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