Brunswick Pro Bowling

Corey Feldman Interview


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Kingsta (Bronze): Defeat Rival Kingsta.
    GC Open (Bronze): Win the Grand Central Amateur Open Tournament.
    Techno Amateur (Bronze): Win the Techno Bowl Amateur Final Tournament.
    Daytona Amateur (Bronze): Win the Daytona Lanes Amateur Final Tournament.
    Downtown Amateur (Bronze): Win the Downtown Amateur Final Tournament.
    Skyline Amateur (Bronze): Win the Skyline Amateur Final Tournament.
    Hang 10 Pins Amateur (Bronze): Win the Hang 10 Pins Amateur Final Tournament.
    Downtown Master (Silver): Win the Downtown Master Final Tournament.
    Skyline Master (Silver): Win the Skyline Master Final Tournament.
    Hang 10 Pins Master (Silver): Win the Hang 10 Pins Master Final Tournament.
    No Rival (Silver): Defeat Rival Tyler Bedford.
    Bottomless Bag (Gold): Acquire 44 Bowling Balls.
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