Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    One Last Ride (Platinum): Obtain all other trophies.
    A Walk in the Park (Bronze): Find the Verdant Burrows sepulcher.
    Ride Towards the Light (Bronze): Find the Luminous Abyss sepulcher.
    Have an Ice Day (Bronze): Find the Crystal Chasm sepulcher.
    Going Down (Bronze): Find the Obsidian Pits sepulcher.
    Just Deserts (Gold): Find the Sandstone Ruins sepulcher.
    Breaker of Dreams (Silver): Find the hidden level.
    Wrong Way (Bronze): Find a different entrance than the one you came in through.
    A Ropeless Situation (Silver): Reach any exit of Woodland Vestibule without using the rope.
    Quiet, Your Majesty (Silver): Reach any exit of the Hive without alerting any looters.
    Never Not Sliding (Silver): Reach any exit of the Crystal Castle without winding the rope or locking.
    No Second Chances (Silver): Reach any exit of Molten River without respawning.
    Unbreakable (Silver): Reach the exit of the hidden level with no gadget equipped.
    Might Come In Handy (Bronze): Unlock a gadget.
    Fully Equipped (Silver): Unlock all gadgets.
    Master Craftsman (Silver): Fully upgrade a gadget.
    First-Class Ride (Silver): Fully upgrade the Chariot.
    Deceased Parcel Service (Bronze): Deliver a Chariot blueprint crate to its destination.
    Royal Delivery (Silver): Deliver all Chariot blueprint crates to their destination.
    Spelunker (Bronze): Completely reveal the map of a level.
    Royal Cartographer (Silver): Completely reveal the map of all levels.
    Off the Beaten Path (Bronze): Find an alternate exit.
    Pathfinder (Silver): Find all alternate exits.
    Strange Souvenirs (Bronze): Find all three skulls in any level.
    Family Reunion (Silver): Find all three skulls in every level.
    Rookie Charioteer (Bronze): Obtain a bronze medal or better in a speed run.
    Seasoned Charioteer (Silver): Obtain a bronze medal or better in every speed run.
    Rising Star (Silver): Obtain a gold medal in a speed run.
    Greased Lightning (Gold): Obtain a gold medal in every speed run.
    Tool-Unassisted (Silver): Obtain a gold medal in a speed run with no gadget equipped.
    Air to the Throne (Silver): Get 12 seconds of air time with the Chariot.
    Spendthrift (Silver): Spend 500,000 loot.
    The Royal Whee (Silver): Reach maximum speed with the Chariot.
    Looterpedia (Bronze): Encounter a looter of each type.
    Only the Lonely (Bronze): Locate and obtain the largest type of blue jewel without a second player.
    Honeymoon (Bronze): Play a level from beginning to end with a second player.
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