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New Game+ mode

Successfully complete the game, then save it. While highlighting the saved game, press [Left] or [Right] to start in New Game+ mode. If done correctly, the saved game will turn yellow. In this mode, you will start with the sword, armor, ring, and money with stronger enemies and harder stages.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Now, for ALL the Marbles...! (Bronze): Accumulate 9999 marbles.
    You Have My Sword (Bronze): Strengthen your sword to level 3.
    The Clothes Make the Woman (Bronze): Strengthen your tunic to level 5.
    My...Precioussss... (Bronze): Strengthen your ring to level 2.
    Gotta Catch 'Em All... OR ELSE! (Bronze): Track down ALL the orbs.
    Glad to Be Out of There! (Bronze): Escape the Catacombs.
    All's Not Lost! (Silver): Find all the fireflies.
    DEFINITELY not Half-Hearted! (Bronze): Obtain all of the Heart Containers.
    I'll Treasure it Always (Silver): Find every last treasure.
    A Winner is Me! (Silver): Finish the game in NG+ mode.
    You Polyglot, You! (Bronze): Complete the Lexicom.

Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

    Under the Sea (Bronze): Kill Hazaura.
    Have I Made My POINT?! (Bronze): Kill Tara.
    Why'd it have to be SNAKES?! (Bronze): Kill Harao.
    T'was Far More than a Scratch! (Bronze): Kill Raizara.
    You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Anguis! (Silver): Kill Anguis.
    Reach for the Stars (Bronze): Finish Star Road.
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