DG2: Defense Grid 2



Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    The Defense Grid (Platinum): Unlock all trophies for Defense Grid 2.
    Salvage Rights (Bronze): Kill an alien boss creature. (Juggernaut, Rumbler, Turtle, or Crasher)
    Field Promotion (Bronze): Earn a silver (or better) medal.
    Death From Above (Bronze): Use the Orbital Laser Special Weapon (General Cai).
    Siege Breaker (Silver): Survive 100 waves on Grinder challenge mode on any mission.
    Flawless Victory (Bronze): Earn a Gold Medal.
    Base Defender (Silver): Complete the single player campaign in Story Mode.
    Planet Defender (Bronze): Earn a silver medal (or better) on all missions in the Story mode.
    Master Strategist (Gold): Earn 100 Gold Medals on any missions.
    Exterminator (Bronze): Kill 1000 aliens.
    Tower Expert (Bronze): Build every tower and every upgrade for each tower.
    Alien Tears (Bronze): Earn a gold medal on every mission in Story mode.
    Thanks for Playing! (Bronze): Earn a Bronze (or better) medal in a Single Player Mission.
    Indecisive (Bronze): Sell 10 towers or more in a single mission.
    Untouchable (Bronze): Beat a Chapter 4 mission or higher with zero cores captured.
    Close Call (Bronze): Save a core that is less than 10 seconds away from the map's exit point.
    Happy Returns (Bronze): Recover a loose core.
    Go Team! (Bronze): Earn a Gold medal in a Coordinated Defense Multiplayer Mission.
    Would you like a boost with that? (Bronze): Build 100 Boost towers.
    No Sale (Bronze): Win any mission without selling any towers.
    Hey! That's mine! (Bronze): Kill an alien carrying a power core.
    Diversity (Bronze): Build 1 of each tower type in any single mission.
    Full House (Bronze): Build and fully upgrade each tower type in one mission.
    First Blood (Bronze): Kill 1 alien.
    Eradicator (Bronze): Kill 100 aliens.
    Annihilator (Bronze): Kill 10,000 aliens.
    Xenocide (Bronze): Kill 50,000 aliens.
    Surplus (Bronze): Win a mission with at least 1,000 resources remaining.
    Penny Pincher (Bronze): Win a mission with at least 5,000 resources remaining.
    Filthy Rich (Bronze): Win a mission with at least 10,000 resources remaining.
    Liquidator (Bronze): Sell 10 towers.
    Leadhead (Bronze): Build 100 Gun towers.
    Burn Baby Burn (Bronze): Build 100 Inferno towers.
    Pew Pew (Bronze): Build 100 Laser towers.
    Not So Fast (Bronze): Build 100 Temporal towers.
    Great Ball of Fire (Bronze): Build 100 Meteor towers.
    High Voltage (Bronze): Build 100 Tesla towers.
    Kaboom! (Bronze): Build 100 Cannon towers.
    The Not-So-Friendly Skies (Bronze): Build 100 Missile towers.
    Head Trauma (Bronze): Build 100 Concussion towers.
    Gun Crazy (Bronze): Using only Gun towers, Win any chapter 4 (or later) mission.
    Firebug (Bronze): Using only Inferno towers, Win any chapter 4 (or later) mission.
    Shell-shocked (Bronze): Using only Cannon towers, Win any chapter 4 (or later) mission.
    Minimalist (Bronze): Using only level 1 towers, Win any Chapter 4 (or later) mission.
    Full Potential (Bronze): Win a chapter 4 (or later) mission with level 3 towers only and no selling.
    Yellow Beats Green (Bronze): Upgrade a tower.
    What IS that? (Bronze): Inspect 10 aliens.
    Confident (Bronze): Use the speed up control for a total of 60 seconds in any mission.
    Retry (Bronze): Use the Reload Checkpoint option.
    Boot Camp (Bronze): Finish all the missions in Chapter 1 in Story Mode.
    Arsenal (Bronze): Build 20 towers of any type in one mission.
    Full Defense (Bronze): Build 50 towers of any type in one mission.
    If At First You Don't Succeed, Retry Again (Bronze): Use the reload checkpoint option five times in a single mission.
    Master Siege Breaker (Silver): Survive 100 waves on any Super Grinder challenge mode.
    Master Builder (Bronze): Use the command shuttle to move 6 map sections in Mission 6.
    The Path Most Traveled (Bronze): Win a Gold medal on mission 19 without using the Command Shuttle.
    Now With Sprinkles (Bronze): Enable a Tower Augmentation item on any tower.
    10 Items No less (Bronze): Enable a Tower Augmentation Item on 10 Towers.
    No Fast Blast (Bronze): Use the Temporal Cannon Special Weapon (Colonel Rissler).
    More Please (Bronze): Use the Resource Reinforcement Special Weapon (Professor Briel).
    Pumped Up Towers (Bronze): Use the Tower Overcharge Special Weapon (Advisor Zacara).
    Go To Your Home (Bronze): Use the Core Teleport special weapon (Professor Taylor).
    Shoot That Guy (Bronze): Use the Precision Targeting Special Weapon (Rear Admiral Phillips).
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